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Topic: Need help re-registering my software!

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    Need help re-registering my software!

    Dear Native Instruments Team:

    Since I last registered Garritan Personal Orchestra with you folks I installed a second hard drive into my computer to make some of my more powerful audio software programs run more efficiently. After completely wiping out my original C drive (due to some problems I was having with my other programs) I re-installed Garritan Personal Orchestra onto the clean C drive. I then tried to copy into the registration tool the same Authorization Key that you originally sent me in order to re-register my program as the software prompted me to. However, instead of completing the registration process it gave me the following error message: \"Error ID 5: The Hardwarefingerprint changed since you send your System ID. Please contact register@native-instruments.de and include this error ID in your inquiry.\"

    I sent an email to register@native-instruments.de, but have still not gotten a reply back. Would you please advise me what should be done to remedy this problem so I may re-register my program. Should you need any other information please let me know.

    Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.

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    Re: Need help re-registering my software!

    Jarrod, You are not alone!!!!
    I have been trying since the 8th of January to aquire the upgrade to the current version of Kontakt after purchasing an older version(who knew - I thought it was the current one).
    There is no customer service when it comes to NI. I get more service from the local DMV. It is unfortunate considering they have such a great product but after this I will have to weigh heavily if I want to invest my money in a company that doesn\'t value my business.
    Copy of my latest inquery sent 1-23-04 - still no response.

    CC: daniel@native-instruments.de.(CEO), daniel@haver.de.

    Can some one please help me!?!
    I purchased GPO and was thrilled with the program and went out an purchased Kontakt to further my experience. Little did I realize it was an older version which leaves me a little cold as the voices in GPO will only work in the curent 1.5 Version.
    On the 8th of January I faxed over the Grace Period order form to receive the free download version and no one will respond to me.
    I have faxed (repeatedly), called and left messages, e-mailed and am getting no where fast. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you
    purchased 1-7-04

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    Re: Need help re-registering my software!


    I just went through this mill, see my \"Zero Response ...\" thread below in this forum section.

    I eventually got email response, and satisfactory help, by emailing to the address that NI includes in the registering section of their site, an address purported to be provided for registration assistance/questions.

    Response took nearly a week, but I got satisfaction in the end.

    Frodo, I had exactly your problem, and they fixed me up ...


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    Re: Need help re-registering my software!

    I owe NI a huge \"I\'m sorry\" - Please disregard my ugly posting above. Just got off the phone with Native Instruments...they had sent out my upgrade via e-mail twice to my AOL address. It seems AOL captures their email and treats it as spam so I was not receiving them.

    In less than 5 minutes Jeff at NI changed my registration to another non-AOL address and sent upgrade link.

    I hope NI will post the issues with AOL in the future on their registration page so others will not be in a possition where they feel they are not getting the customer service that they deserve.

    I\'m feeling really guilty for my previous post!


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