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Topic: Sorry Dave.....

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    Sorry Dave.....


    I would love to buy your long advertised tutorial. Unfortunately all my machines have RME cards... I find this limitation to 22Kh 16 bit mono absolutely stupid, unless the tutorial comes with a soundblaster live.....


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    Re: Sorry Dave.....

    Thank you for the feedback. Thats a very good point but we had to get it to a managable size. Many pro cards do handle 22k just fine, a few don\'t. I assume you have tried 22k files on your system but if you have not, it wouldn\'t hurt to check it out before giving up. You can even get the large demo at my web (www.davidgovett.com) and see if it plays on your system at the the right pitch or not. Keep in mind the sample rate settings on the cards. Some let lock it to 44k or 22k or leave it unlocked to play whatever comes through or slave to external clock etc..
    A DVD version would solve this problem but there would likely be more people without DVD players than those without the audio hardware that would play back the smaller files. (multiple manufactured versions are simply not an option this early on) The original project edits are in full resolution full frame video with stereo 44k audio so I have the option to make some DVD or VCR versions if needed later. For now, we are manufacturing standard CD-ROM versions that fit 6 hours of material (and the samples) onto 4 disks. It\'s very efficent for the quality.
    Don\'t be sorry though. I can\'t please everyone all at once. I\'ll keep you informed on how it goes and if any other versions get made in the future.

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    Re: Sorry Dave.....

    Hi Dave,

    Like many others on this forum I have a DVD player in my computer, so if you could release a DVD version, I would definitely want to have that one.
    Also, it might get the shipping cost down a little bit, or am I living in a fantasy here?

    Best wishes, Jan

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    Re: Sorry Dave.....

    Hello Jeannot,

    Here is something I found on the RME webite FAQ section:

    How can I playback data with 8 bit or 22 kHz through the DIGI96?

    Microsoft supplies a small program for just such cases. It is installed with the audio options (audio- and video codecs etc) during the installation of Windows. Simply choose `Microsoft Audiomapper´ instead of the DIGI96 as the recording and playback device in your actual application. Please note that the Audiomapper outputs data to the preferred audio device in \'Multimedia\', so DIGI96 has to be defined as standard multimedia device. For example, DIGI96 plays back an 8 bit / 11 kHz file with 16 bit and 32 kHz successfully in the correct sound level and speed, but it does sound fairly distorted.


    The GigaStudio Mastery CD-ROMs are 16-bit/22kHz so you should be able to play them just fine.

    Here is the URL:

    RME Audio FAQ page

    Most pro sound cards have the means necessary to play system sounds, game audio, etc. which is less than master quality, but you will still be able to use the full frequency/bandwidth for your pro apps.


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