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Topic: Flute concerto demo: GOS and KH Flute

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    Flute concerto demo: GOS and KH Flute


    This is a demo of the last movement of my concerto for flute and string orchestra. It's actually the first movement that I've written, which I just completed this weekend. I got an idea for a theme that could suit a final movement, so I decided to go ahead and write the end first.

    It's in a simple rondo form, with a little twist in that there's a second theme that appears midway in the movement, and that comes back near the end.

    The language is definitely modern, but there are some more melodic sections (the 2nd theme). Still, I believe it's not that dissonant and not too "hard" to listen to (at least I hope so).

    The libraries used are Garritan Orchestral Strings, Kirk Hunter solo flute, plus 2 notes of Westgate Woodwinds flute for the fluttertonguing effects. Thanks guys for your great libraries.

    I hope a few of you enjoy the piece, and of course all comments will be welcome.


    P.S. I don't post often but I read the forum every day!

    Thanks and have a nice day.

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    Re: Flute concerto demo: GOS and KH Flute

    I give it a 5- you can dance to it

    Seriously, it's good. It's not so atonal that I can't get a handle on it. And you have that flute patch doing some amazing things.

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    Re: Flute concerto demo: GOS and KH Flute


    I have to say that I like it much. The work on flute is really good and some strings passages are indeed nice.
    My personal impression is that you could resolve in some parts on diatonic harmonies, just to let the comp breath to the listener, perhaps on the 4.40 theme.
    But thats just the way i prefer, not the way its right...

    Can you specify some of the Gos articulations used?

    Nice job

    p.s. hmmm...those days demos arent commented as they could be...sad.

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    Re: Flute concerto demo: GOS and KH Flute

    This is a wonderful piece! Reminds me very much of Jerry Goldsmith, particularly the Chase scene in Planet of the Apes. You have the flute doing very much what he had a piano do. Great composition and use of dynamics.
    A real show piece for Kirk's flute.
    Specialist/Sound Design

    "A note of music gains significance from the silence on either side." -Anne
    Morrow Lindberg

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    Re: Flute concerto demo: GOS and KH Flute

    Well, a few positive comments. For the balance, here's a negative one.

    I don't understand why you took the KH flute instead of the Westgate flute.

    I have both the KH and the WG flutes, as well as the DDSW, AO and VSL Opus 1 flutes. KH's flute was one my most disappointing sample purchases in the last years.

    It has such a weird resonating sound. It does not mix at all with the positioning and ambience of your strings. The flute sounds like it has been recorded separately in a tunnel.

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    Re: Flute concerto demo: GOS and KH Flute

    Great work! Maybe a little more reverb just to give it more ambience.

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    Thumbs up Re: Flute concerto demo: GOS and KH Flute

    First rate composition. You should submit the completed score for an orchestral performance.

    I hear a fair bit of Johnny T in there. He wrote a nice flute concerto in '69, although, as I haven't heard it in over 10 years, I wouldn't compare yours to his.

    I would agree that this recording could do with more reverb to set the whole thing back spatially a little.

    Not being a KH'er, I defer to Peter Roos' views on the strengths/weaknesses of the flute, but, even in a dry form, it sounds pretty good here.

    Anyway, congratulations and KEEP GOING!

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    Re: Flute concerto demo: GOS and KH Flute


    Thanks everyone for your comments, they're really appreciated.

    To answer some questions: I used most of the articulations available in GOS. The sordino strings and the non-vibrato strings were not used (except for layering) simply because the music didn't call for them. I don't think there's a single short bow that wasn't used, they all had something that I needed at some point.

    I used KH's flute because it was the only one that I had when I started the piece! The movement was written part time during a somewhat long period of time. At some point I acquired WG woodwinds, but it was a little late as I had done so much work already on the piece. But I agree with Peter that the KH flute doesn't sound so good sound-engineering-wise, and I had a lot of trouble trying to place it in the mix. I had to EQ it to get the best results possible, but it didn't work miracles. I guess I'll know for next time...

    Heath, the piece was started with an actual performance in mind, but things got side-tracked because a lot of things happened (I was very sick and couldn't work for almost a year, and then the flutist moved to another country). The orchestra that had agreed to do it is in Canada and the flutist now lives in Finland, so that creates a problem. Anyway, we're in talks trying to set a date and hopefully it'll work out. Plus, I still have 2 more movements to write!

    I added some reverb to the mix. If anyone has time and wants to listen to the new version, it would be great. Let me know if I added too much reverb or if it's still not enough.


    Sharmy, thanks for your comments. I agree with you that it sounds synthetic at times (the strings especially bother me in this regard) but the problem is that I don't know what else I could have done. I used all the tricks in the book (a LOT of layering) to try to get it to sound realistic, but there are some places where I just didn't succeed. But honestly I didn't know what more to do with the libraries that I had. As for the balance problems, do you think the flute is too much in front? My first mixes had the flute more in the back with the strings, but some friends who listened complained about that. Maybe I've now gone overboard? As for other balance problems, if you have specific places you can point out I'd appreciated it, as this is something that is probably easy enough to fix. I don't hear them myself, so it would be a great help to have them pointed out to me, although I understand if you don't have time.

    Thanks for listening everyone!

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    Re: Flute concerto demo: GOS and KH Flute

    Tiring of group buy dissection, found this great example of recording using samples from a few months ago. Very good work, amazing use of the flute in a sample based recording. How is the rest of the concerto coming, Martin, if you're still around?

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    Re: Flute concerto demo: GOS and KH Flute

    Very impressive writing, Martin. The flute sounds very good. I didn't know KH's flute could translate such demanding technique into a passable and believable performance. I could only listen to the first version (second one is down) but it's indeed the orchestra where the balance is "off" (as jaibulu mentioned). The orchestra needs to be placed in a bigger room. I don't have the impression that there's much "distance" and "space". It lacks realistic ambience. That's probably the main reason why the orchestra sounds "plastic" from time to time. Perhaps a little more reverb tail might just do the trick. Also, adding bass to the reverb could lead to more sound pressure and depth.

    Alex Cremers

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