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Topic: Crossfading without a Mod Wheel?

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    Crossfading without a Mod Wheel?

    Hey guys and gals,

    Yep it\'s me again with another question. My keyboard does not have a modualtion wheel. Is there a way to do crossfading without one? Thanks.


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    Re: Crossfading without a Mod Wheel?

    You could try linking the crossfade to either key position (you know... C2,C3....C5..etc) or to velocity. Neither approach gives you truly independent cross-fading, but I think that\'s your only option unless you invest in another keyboard or get an additional controller such as a ribbon controller or breath controller and merge it\'s output into the midi stream.

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    Re: Crossfading without a Mod Wheel?

    Hiya Jonathan,

    My keyboard doesn\'t have a mod wheel either... So Just bought a food controller and use that as my modulation \"wheel\"... Kinda funky because I can play the instruments with my right hand, use key switching with my left hand and modulate in and out of samples with my left foot, and use the hold pedal with my right foot... weight loss guaranteed if you do it that way! Hah!!


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    Re: Crossfading without a Mod Wheel?


    can you tell me what brand of foot controller you are using. Is it just a pedal? How did you hook it up. Does it plug into the keyboard or does it have an own MIDI in/out/trough? Is it programmable so you could use it for other control messages?

    I have a mod wheel on my keyboard but I would like to have a \"mod pedal\" too, e.g.
    for playing the GIGA HARP.

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