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Topic: Audio and Midi in Cubase Se?

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    Audio and Midi in Cubase Se?

    Anyone here ever have a problem mixing audio with midi tracks in Cubase preferably Se or SX. I am using Se. All I get is numerous random clicks during playback. Any insight as to what I may have set wrong or what may be going on?
    I appreciate you help.

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    Re: Audio and Midi in Cubase Se?

    Got some questions for you...

    Does the song playback when not recording okay?

    How many tracks are you trying to mix down simultaneously?

    Have you tried mixing down each track individually and then combining the resulting wav files after you've done this?

    Are the tracks clipping? Check the master channel in the mixer to make sure you aren't clipping.

    One Solution:

    You may want to increase the sound cards latency in Cubase or choose another sound card driver from Cubase's options.

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    Re: Audio and Midi in Cubase Se?

    I've used Cubase SX1 and SX2 extensively, but I've never used SE so I don't know if this applies, but I'll give it a shot.

    Joseph Burrell is definitely on the right track.

    Pops and clicks are a sign of a too small buffer size for the number and complexity of midi tracks in the project. Increasing the buffer size one or two steps usually alleviates the problem. As you know, this can be set in the soundcard control software or Cubase.

    The Cubase documentation says that the best driver to use is the ASIO driver that was written specifically for your soundcard - not the Multimedia driver or the generic driver(s).

    Before mixing, all midi tracks should be individually rendered (exported) to .wav files and imported back into the project as audio. The midi tracks are then muted or deleted (after backing up the project, just in case). Mixing can then proceed.

    I also have had a smiliar sounding problem when an audio event (track) has a different sampling rate than the project sampling rate. The sound is similar to pops and clicks, but I can occasionally hear a bit of mangled audio as well.

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