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Topic: GS 2,50 v47 - Sonar 2 - Roland A33

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    GS 2,50 v47 - Sonar 2 - Roland A33

    When I start GS and load a gig, everything works just great, I can use my Roland A33 keyboard and dist.wave section in GS. Then I start Sonar from GS and my keyboard wont play a sound, but I can use dist.wave in GS and piano-roll in Sonar.

    Is there something I missed out on ? I really would like this to work.

    Unfortunally Im not that into midi.

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    Re: GS 2,50 v47 - Sonar 2 - Roland A33

    Hello Risan,

    Make sure you have a sound (.gig file) loaded onto the channel that you are transmitting from your keyboard/sequencer. If you are launching the sequencer from Giga, then the MIDI loop is activated and the sequencer has the ability to re-map the MIDI channel that your keyboard controller is sending on. Therefore, when using the sequencer with Giga, assign the corresponding MIDI channel in your sequencer track with the loaded channel in GigaStudio.

    With multiple channels contianing different instruments, you can scroll through the sequencer tracks to play each individual sound loaded in Giga from your keyboard. To save a setup, save the .GSP performance file in Giga and your sequence (preferably with the same name) so that you can quickly recall your project session.

    You\'ll need to get more familiar with MIDI if you want to get the most out of Giga and sequencing.

    Hope this helps,


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