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Topic: A Happy Birthday to Dan Veach!

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    A Happy Birthday to Dan Veach!

    Today is Dan Veach's Birthday!

    If you recall, Dan did the music for the Rosalyn Carter's Celebration of Caregivers that took place at Atlanta Symphony Hall last summer. Dan has also been working on some other musical projects and I am sure we'll be hearing a lot of fantastic things from Dan. It is a privilege to have Dan here with us.

    Have a wonderful birthday Dan. May you have many years of health, happiness and prosperity!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: A Happy Birthday to Dan Veach!

    Thanks, Gary! I'd like to wish your "baby" a happy birthday too, as we're close to the one-year anniversary of GPO's public launch date. Many thanks to you and the members of this forum who are giving a new birth to symphonic music in the 21st century!

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    Re: A Happy Birthday to Dan Veach!

    from one Dan to another,
    Happy Birthday Dan!

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