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Topic: Do I have to load the entire .gig file into memory?

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    Do I have to load the entire .gig file into memory?

    When I was first playing around with Gigastudio, I could click on the \"plus\" sign to expand a .gig file to show all of the programs it contained. For example, I could expand the Max Strength Guitar .gig file to show the programs Open, Reg, Pluck, Stereo, etc. and then load only the program I wanted. Now the \"plus\" sign is gone, and I can only load the entire .gig file into memory, which takes like 5 minutes for Max Strength. I\'m not sure when this change happened, but it sure is annoying. Am I doing something wrong? Should I re-install Gigastudio?

    Surely someone knows the answer to this one!


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    Re: Do I have to load the entire .gig file into memory?

    No, something isn\'t right on your system. It could be some sort of database glitch. Before reinstalling, you might try rebuilding the database. You could try the F5 or right click on a drive and choose rebuild entire database. If that doesn\'t get results, I would then try deleting the database files in the GigaStudio folder (something like C:\\Program files\\NemeSys\\Gstudio\\and kill everything in the db folder. The restart GigaStudio and see if that helps. Before you do this, be sure you have installed the patch update.
    If all that fails, then you can try an uninstall-reinstall. If that fails, then you would need to check in with Tascam. Hopefully other people who may have run into this will chime in here.
    David Govett

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