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Topic: Latest on maximum memory / 98-XP

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    Latest on maximum memory / 98-XP

    Hi Forum members,

    I\'ve been wondering what are the latest conclusions on the maximum memory the various operating systems will allow for RELIABLE use with Gigastudio160.

    At the moment I have stuck with Windows 98 SE. It\'s been very reliable and I haven\'t seen any need to change it. I have 500 megs ram (approx) and also haven\'t seen the need to change it, until now.

    With the new, bigger and better libraries coming out I think I\'d really like to bump up the memory, but I only want to do this without any problems of course. A while back there was discussion that basically seemed to say 500 megs was reliable but you take your chances after that. With Gigastudio now at version 2.5 and compatability with XP, what are the current views on maximum memory?

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    Re: Latest on maximum memory / 98-XP

    I\'m running 786 Megs of RAM on a PIII 800 (with 98 SE) and it\'s rock solid with GS 160. I went from 512 to 786 and saw a drastic difference in performance, especially when loading VOTA or GOS stuff.

    Hope that helps!

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    Re: Latest on maximum memory / 98-XP

    This has been a troubling issue for me, actually. I used Win98 as well, and I have 512MB of RAM, however, I own another SDRAM chip that bumps me up to 1GB. However, when I try to boot Win98 with that 1GB of RAM, my resolution won\'t go over 640x480 (16 colors), and I can\'t change it no matter what I do. Sounds like some kind of conflict somewhere.

    I found on the Microsoft site a page that allowed me to put a line in the system.ini file that allowed it to read up to 768MB of that 1GB of RAM, because apparently 768MB is the maximum that Win98 can read, or something. But, I still found that to be buggy.

    When I installed Windows XP, it would happily recognize all 1GB of RAM...

    So is your machine capable of going to WinXP? Because I really like WinXP much more than Win98. Having over 512MB in WIn98 will either work for you, or it won\'t, depending on your hardware configuration... that\'s the result I\'ve seen thus far on several computers.

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    Re: Latest on maximum memory / 98-XP

    Chad, the display problems with 1gb RAM happened because of no VCache setting present in System.ini. You can use 1GB of RAM max in Win98 - and GS (at least) won\'t use more under XP - so you can actually load a lot more under 98 with 1GB than under XP with 1GB because XP eats a LOT more RAM.

    To solve the 1gb problem with Win98se add these lines in system.ini:


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    Re: Latest on maximum memory / 98-XP

    I\'ve been using 1gb of memory under plain old Win 98 for nearly a year with no problems. I tried 1.5gb but Windows wouldn\'t even start after boot up.

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