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Topic: After mounting PC folder on G5: soft chirp sound !

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    After mounting PC folder on G5: soft chirp sound !

    Hello all,

    On my new 2x2.0 G5, when I mount a PC shared folder onto my G5 desktop, a 400 kb/s network transfer seems to start... and never stops. A soft chirping noise starts to come out of the machine. It can also be heard through my RME audio interface, connected through its own PCI card.

    Even though I'm not doing anything with the network mount, the transfer won't stop and I can't eject the drive as it's in use (because of the unidentified transfer going on). So the sound won't go away either unless I reboot, turn off the PC or disconnect the LAN cable.

    I made a recording of it: http://www.maartenspruijt.com/G5MachineLANNoise.mp3 (listen to the high chirping sound)

    P.S.: the sound and continuous transfer DON'T happen when mounting another Mac, eg. my iBook.

    This is an annoying problem as I intend to use a lot of MidiOverLan CP.

    Any ideas what might cause this?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: After mounting PC folder on G5: soft chirp sound !

    Hi Maarten,

    A tough one and I doubt I'll be much help, but I thought your question deserved some response.

    The chirping sound could be the HD 'frantically' looking for a specific file/folder/transfer protocol/driver etc and not finding it. That's all I can think of.

    And since your Mac's are working well together, the The PC-Mac linkup seems the obvious culprit. It may be as simple as finding some Mac extension isn't set properly. Do Mac's still use a 'PC Exchange' extension?

    This is probably obvious stuff to you, sorry if so. And good luck with your problem.


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    Re: After mounting PC folder on G5: soft chirp sound !

    Hi Maarten,

    I do not have this problem, but have read about it; apparently there are 2 main different types of noises coming from the G5..

    This I found after some googling - there were a lot of hits, but this was the first one to come up with someone doing pro audio:

    "Hardware Hum..."

    Rob Bowles
    I am having problems, shared by others, with my Dual Ghz G5 and the pro audio equiptment I have attached to it. The computer is introducing a hum and a rythmic chirp to my audio signal path resulting in these noises coming out my studio speakers. This is NOT a ground loop, and did not occur with the two other Macs I have used in the same audio set-up.

    I have found a few discussions detailing it on Apple's support site, but am shocked that it isn't getting more attention with Apple recent focus on Prosumer Audio. From the skuttlebutt there is a design flaw with the power supply that puts noise out into the electrical circut and no one who is experiencing this problem has gotten resolution. Totally unacceptable for Apple's high end professional offering.

    Here are some of the discussions I've come accross. "Topic: Summary thread: Power supply noises,"

    Unfortunately I just noticed that the topic at the apple site doesn´t exist anymore - at least not at the link given.
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