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Topic: No ASPI support?

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    No ASPI support?


    \"No ASPI support detected\"
    Why do I get this error from Gigastudio? I format the computer and its ok again. Then after i have reinstalled some programs the same error happens! I can still use the cd drive for everything except conversion of non gigasampler files like Akai, Roland etc.

    Its really pissing me off now, because every time I want to convert an Akai sample cd i have to format. Can someone tell me whats going on?


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    Re: No ASPI support?

    I know there are some problems with XP and CD burners related to ASPI. Try going to this link and download the software.

    http://www.adaptec.com/worldwide/support/driverdetail.html?sess=no&cat=%2fOperating+System% 2fMicrosoft+Windows+XP&filekey=aspi_v471.exe

    Also, try Windows update to get the latest XP patches. Actually, try that BEFORE you try Adaptec\'s ASPI.

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    Re: No ASPI support?

    I\'m getting this same message using Windows 98 SE. Are there any system settings that would automatically turn off support? (I followed all the tweaking suggestions at the Nemesys site.)

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    Re: No ASPI support?

    Hey Ed,

    You may also want to check the download section of www.chickensys.com. I had the same problem when trying to get low level dos support for a cd of Roland Samples I was trying to convert to Giga using Chicken\'s Translator. The ASPI got all messed up...i had no cdrom drive and my Giga kept crashing. The force ASPI was the download that fixed me up...not just the plain ASPI driver. I hope this helps.


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