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Topic: Quality of NFX2/NFX3 Worth buying separately?

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    Quality of NFX2/NFX3 Worth buying separately?

    I have the Gigastudio 96 (with NFX1 + the EQ)
    Now I\'m considering buying the NFX2 and NFX3
    separately (79 dollar each).
    How is the quality of NFX2/3 compared to, for example, the built in effects of Cubase VST 5.0 or Nuendo? Opinions, please!

    In my latest project I captured each giga track
    to wave and separately imported them to Nuendo
    to add effects.Obviously it\'s more convenient to have the effects within Gigastudio.

    Thank You

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    Re: Quality of NFX2/NFX3 Worth buying separately?

    Stick with what you\'re doing. The quality of the NFX are not bad, but I only use them for sketching, then I end up using other plugins later anyway.

    I wouldn\'t waste the money, because I guarantee you the NFX are not going to be as high quality as the effects you\'re using now, and you\'ll just use the other ones anyway.

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