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Topic: Equalizer adjustment

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    Equalizer adjustment

    I have a 2x 31 band dbx equalizer on my main audio system. What is the best way to adjust
    the equalizer.

    I know the answer might be \"by hearing\".

    My question: Is there a reference software out there which would create a sound wave sequence, or white or pink noise and then via a microphone, it
    could be created a spectrum graphic which then would have to be smoothed by using the sliders?

    Any help is highly appreciated!

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    Re: Equalizer adjustment

    I know that you can rent an expensive hardware which analyzes the frequencies of your room and indicates the proper eq to apply, but I\'d like to know if we can do it with softwares only...

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    Re: Equalizer adjustment

    There is a program called Spectrafoo that does a wonderful job if you\'re serious about the sound, but it takes time to do it correctly (and it\'s not cheap.) It also may be Mac-only, but I don\'t know that for a fact.


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    Re: Equalizer adjustment

    Thank you eliam and thesoundsmith. I just found an interesting link. The said program should work for WIN XP and has even a demo version.


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