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Topic: Do you have a killer Electronic drum kit setup?

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    Do you have a killer Electronic drum kit setup?

    Hi All
    I have some acupads and use gigastudio with a couple drum libraries but am not real satisfied with the performance.
    I have tried the new TD-20 V drums and are blown away by there performance but feel the price is a bit steep,I also would prefer to use gigastudio drums instead of the internal roland sounds that come with V drums if I purchased them.
    Im also not sure what the latency would be on the midi out from a V drum module to gigastudio.
    Has anyone found the perfect setup and if so please let us know?
    Thanks , Ken

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    Re: Do you have a killer Electronic drum kit setup?

    Well, It's not perfect, but it works well and wasn't too expensive.

    I bought a Pearl Rhythm Traveler practice set. It's got five drums with short depth, but full-sized heads. It comes with both standard and mesh heads. It also has a plastic deal for a ride cymbal and the same deal on a hi-hat stand. I bought two additional cymbal stands that clamp onto the tom stands. Then I bought four full-sized plastic practice cymbals and put foam over them to dampen the clunk. The foam bits are Numark DJ turntable pads.

    All you need to make this stuff work is to mount piezo sensors to the cymbals and to suspend some more piezo sensors between a hard mount and the drum heads using foam. My snare is setup the best - I center mounted the sensor and used a Roland V-Drum replacement cone. It has it's own stand, so there's no crosstalk.

    For the module I picked up an Alesis DM5 for about $100 used. It took quite a while to get all of the components together, mount everything and do all of the soldering. All together I think I spent about $650 for a full electronic mesh head kit.

    Lately I've been playing it through the Larry Seyer kit in GS3. Both the Big and Beefy and Thunderous combinations rock.

    I'm curious to learn if the Roland modules translate their position information as a MIDI controller. That would be way cool with the Seyer kit. I'd also like to edit the thing to use the GS3 alternation tool. The Seyer drums map different samples to different keys which is fine for keyboard playing, but I only get one note for each drum right now.

    The weakest part is probably the cymbals. I'd love to get some of the Roland pieces, pricey though they are.

    Anyway, it's fun to play drums with sticks rather than keys!


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