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Topic: Sonar and Gigastudio Question

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    Sonar and Gigastudio Question

    I am a new Gigastudio user and was wondering if this is possible(?):

    A midi track in Sonar sent thru the GigaStudio
    and back into Sonar to be recorded with the sampled Giga sounds.

    FYI: I am using a Delta 66 with the OMNI I/O,
    Sonar 2 XL, and WinXP.

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    Re: Sonar and Gigastudio Question

    You should have no problems recording the Giga sounds as an audio track in Sonar. This is how I mixdown my large orchestrations on one computer using Sonar. Just make sure you assign some audio outputs to each program and the Delta 66 card as the input in Sonar.

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