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Topic: Gigapiano II ??

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    Gigapiano II ??

    So far no one has commented anything about the bundled gigapiano II that comes with GS3... can anyone tell something about it and / or post a demo?

    I'm quite interested in how it sounds... specially if we had to compare it with all the incredible convoluted piano libraries that are being released those past days...



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    Re: Gigapiano II ??

    I did some work with it just this week, and it came out fantstic. Unbelievably good, actually.

    I should have the copyrights cleared in the next couple of days, and when that happens I'll post the piece. It was a restoration of a pre-1920 piano roll, which I'm using in a play. I tried at least 4-5 different pianos on this, and the one that just came alive was the GPII.

    It gets very bright at full-bore, so I dialed in a bit of reduction in the overall velocity map, and the result was lovely. I was really and truly surprised, to tell you the truth. I like the GP-II for cases where the sound needs to be bright and in your face, but I had no expectation it would work so well for this.

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    Re: Gigapiano II ??

    I'm not surprised that GPII would work great for a 1920s sound. It's bright, and as long as you avoid the ff layer, it's classy. The ff layer could be handy live when competing with a loud drummer though.

    Try this out: set your keyboard to the hardest velocity map (to stay within the lower velocity ranges), load up GPII with the resonance model, put it through the Media Ventures Live Room impulse with the default settings. Now listen to Pink Floyd's Great Gig in the Sky from Dark Side of the Moon. Improvise it with your GPII setup. Use lots of sustain pedal. Smile.

    Someone with golden ears could dial it in even closer, but I found that even moderate changes in GPulse settings tended further away from the Pink Floyd sound. It's darn close. A gentle hand on GPulse and the parametric EQ could really nail it.


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    Re: Gigapiano II ??

    Dark Side of the Moon - awesome album. I love everything Pink Floyd has done since 1970. And the more I listen to the Division Bell, the more I've come to love that album. They get a fantastic blend of sounds on their stuff. Was lucky enough to see them perform the Division Bell in Dallas in 1994 or 1995....they finished that concert playing in a light rain.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing Bruce's demo, since I still haven't ordered my upgrade yet and I'm eager to hear more GiggaPiano II sounds.


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    Re: Gigapiano II ??

    One of the highlights of my life was seeing The Wall perfromed live in LA back in '79 or so. As I recall they did nine shows in NY, six in LA and that was it.

    "How can you eat your pudding, if you don't eat your meat?"


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    Re: Gigapiano II ??

    Jon: I'm jealous

    Bruce: Have you been using GigaPiano II live ? I imagine it would be great - so far i've found it perfect for that Bruce Hornsby/cut through the mix sound. Not fond of it for lite-stuff or classical. But a big improvement over version one.

    Yes, Ivan - it is bright !!!! Almost blinding!! But sounds unlike any other sample library.

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    Re: Gigapiano II ??

    Quote Originally Posted by JonFairhurst
    "How can you eat your pudding, if you don't eat your meat?"

    "You! Yes, you! Stand still laddy!"

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    Re: Gigapiano II ??

    I dunno- it's better than anything else I have, that's for sure, but it's very bright and it also has a weird honky ring around the low mids . I *think* I'm going to get the PMI Old Lady as an alternative.

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    Re: Gigapiano II ??

    No doubt, GPiano II is not a middle of the road, general purpose piano. The included PMI Bos 290 fits that role better.

    A piano isn't yet at the top of my wish list, but eventually...

    When it gets there, I'll have a hard time deciding between the great products from PMI, SampleTek, VintAudio, Scarbee and others. We live in a land of plenty. (And If I had plenty of money I'd buy products from each of them today!)


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    Re: Gigapiano II ??

    Thks for the answers!

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