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Topic: Registration hassles

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    Unhappy Registration hassles

    This has been a frustrating first week with GS3, as I haven't even been able to register yet. Here is a copy of the email communication between myself and Tascam tech support: (I have replaced some digits with 'x's). Unfortunately I can't post photos here.


    Question = Hope you can help - I'm trying to submit my competitive upgrade coupon code for Gigastudio 3 Orchestral edition, to get a valid replacement CDKey number. Every time I send the form off with my code (730C-xxxxxOGH), it comes back with the last O turned into a 0 (zero) and an automated error message, saying that I must have entered the code incorrectly. I really want this code ASAP so I can get on and register and use the program. Please help, thanks.


    The last "O" is a zero, We do not use the letter O only zero's. Please submit using all zero's.


    OK - I have tried your suggestion of using all zeroes, but unsurprisingly the same error message comes back.

    This is getting kind of ridiculous - I have been waiting for a week now to use this software which I paid for. I am not able to use it under the 10 day grace period, because your system took that away when I plugged my usb MIDI interface in! (but that's another story)

    I appreciate your response, (even though my original email of the 6th Oct was never answered) but your statement is plain wrong.

    Please see the attached photos which clearly show that you do use the letter O, at least in your competitive upgrade coupon codes.

    I look forward to your response.

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    Re: Registration hassles

    Tascam, like many other companies, seems to not be able to keep up with their email submissions.

    My suggestion -- just call them. I was able to get my registration worked out in 10 minutes.

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    Re: Registration hassles


    Other problem with registration :
    After using my GS3 orchestral (during only five days!...) , It asked me the registration key. I mailed my registration number to Tascam, and they emailed me the registration key quickly. After having taped the key they gave me, a message has appear saying that that it wasn't the good one, and GS3 created, always on the same PC, a new registration number. I emailed this problem and the new registration number to Tascam one week ago, no response... Impossible to use my GS3...Deplorable

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    Re: Registration hassles

    I had registration problems. I called the tascam support number. They solved the problem within 5 minutes and I was on my way.

    Call them. Your problems will be resolved.

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    Re: Registration hassles

    "They solved the problem within 5 minutes and I was on my way."

    You were luckier than me. When I called, I went through the loop that takes me back to the receptionist ("How may I direct your call?") five times before I gave up.

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    Re: Registration hassles

    I have two licenses to upgrade to 3.1 Orchestral and seeing 'simple stuff' like this cause so much havoc - makes me want to continue to wait until the dust settles

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Registration hassles

    Hi all,

    New member here. Been using GS 96 2.5 for awhile now.
    Anyway looking to upgrade to 3 but sad to hear they (Tascam) haven't figured out how to do an online automatic serial number system yet. Of course the same problems existed with Nemesis. When I first bought it was Gigasampler 64 then I upgraded to GStudio 96. I couldn't get my serial number in there database using Win2000 at the time. I had to install GS on my wifes Win98 (at the time) machine in order for it to acknowledge me in the database then I could get my code for GS 96 but I remember it being alot more of a PITA then it should have been. In fact no other company I ever bought anything from was so hard to register.

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    Re: Registration hassles

    Yeah, I went through the same deal. I has to register GigaSampler LE on Windows 98, then I could upgrade to GigaStudio 96, but I could hardly get through to sales on the phone. Then I had to install again on W98SE again before upgrading to 2.5 for XP. Also, their server kept timing out on me, so it took days before I got a clean download. I was livid...

    But after a few weeks, it was all in the past, and I had fun making music. The good news is that registration is only required once under normal conditions.

    All in all, my purchase, registration and installation were much smoother for GS3 than GSampler -> GS96 by a long shot. The phone service has been 110% better. (Hi Thomas!) The edges could still be smoothed out, but it's not that bad. And the ten-day grace period really helps hide any warts.

    Seriously, of the potential reasons to decide not to get GS3, registrationphobia has got to be at the bottom of the list.


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    Re: Registration hassles

    Hi Jon,

    Well it's good the hear their system works better now. Maybe its been upgraded since the GSampler days. I wouldn't let that stop me from upgrading but I still remember what a pain it was. Hehehehe.


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    Re: Registration hassles

    Thanks Jon,

    I appreciate your candor. I really want to get GS 3 and get any new GP, etc. learning curve behind me so when I have an urgent client, things go smoothly (as possible )

    Thanks again.
    Rob Elliott Music

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