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Topic: Stuck 'sustain' notes - Please help

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    Stuck \'sustain\' notes - Please help

    I have had giga 160 for 3 months now and although it has been somewhat buggy I have enjoyed the product.

    My problem now is frustrating.

    When I play a note via my controller the notes sustain as if the damper pedal is down. If I play the note via the mouse it is fine. I have tried to restart a number of times.

    BTW, from this same controller I can play my JV and Akai just fine without notes stuck.

    Can anyone help. Thanks in advance.


    Gina 24
    P4 / 1 gig Ram
    giga 160

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    Re: Stuck \'sustain\' notes - Please help

    Hi Rob,

    It seems that your controller is sending out some MIDI signals to Giga (Have you tried sequencing something and then looking in the sequencer track to see if you can figure it out?)
    If the problems have started recently, I suggest resetting your controller to factory settings and reinstalling your MIDI interface if you have the patience.
    Other than that, I\'ve heard before (I think from King) that bad physical connections (cables) can cause that, so you might try getting a new MIDI cable or swapping cables to see if that helps.


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    Re: Stuck \'sustain\' notes - Please help

    You should be able to analyze the problem with MidiOx... available for download free. With it, you should be able to see the incoming midi stream, which should pinpoint the problem. I\'ve found it to be an invaluable tool, for routing as well as for troubleshooting.



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    Re: Stuck \'sustain\' notes - Please help

    Thanks, Gentlemen - I will give it a try.

    Maybe for the benefit of others that have had the problem. When I turn off SX (only running through midex 8) the problem of hanging notes still persisted (I have the latest drivers for Midex8).

    I really think I have either a buggy driver or a faulty midi interface.

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    Re: Stuck \'sustain\' notes - Please help


    Good luck, and let us know when you solve the problem what was causing it.


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    Re: Stuck \'sustain\' notes - Please help

    I sure will keep everyone updated.

    20 minutes ago the \'hanging notes\' ceased (while writing). The \'intermittant\' behavior is what is maddening.

    I will get another Midex8 and report on the change-out.

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