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Topic: Jeff Rona's LIQUID CINEMA Sample Set...

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    Jeff Rona's LIQUID CINEMA Sample Set...

    Hey guys,

    I stumbled upon this link for LIQUID CINEMA, a sample set developed by Jeff Rona, a film composer for Media Ventures. Has anyone heard of this set? From what I can gather, it seems to be like "Jump Backs" but for percussive audio.

    Heres the link: http://www.theindustrystore.com/jerolicisali.html

    For those who have heard of this or used anything similar, how does a package like this compare to something like StormDrum? Do you use percussive loops as a foundation for your compositions? I havent used loops before, and thus wonder the worth of this type of sample set for film composers.

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    Re: Jeff Rona's LIQUID CINEMA Sample Set...

    A better link to go to would be his site at www.jeffrona.com

    You can actually download some samples to preview. Also, don't purchase it from the "industrystore" (formerly filmmusicstore). Read the ongoing thread here http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=25479
    David Bateman

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    Re: Jeff Rona's LIQUID CINEMA Sample Set...

    WOW! Thanks for the heads up on the industry store! I had know idea.

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    Post Re: Jeff Rona's LIQUID CINEMA Sample Set...

    I have a few of the Liquid Cinema series and am generally happy with the libraries. The content is limited, however bearing in mind the very reasonable price point, they make for a great buy.

    The very little or no comparison possible between the Liquid Cinema series and something like Stormdrum. Although both products are unique, Stormdrum offers more variety and more importantly, much higher quality samples and loops which are far larger in sound and scope than most of the Liquid Cinema series.

    I've found Liquid Cinema to be a terrific addendum tool to the many libraries available. The titles offer usable and musical loops, hits and textures for an excellent price.



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