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Topic: Fine-tuning bug?

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    Fine-tuning bug?

    I am having a hard time fine-tuning an instrument (or rather the performance of it) in GigaStudio.

    Let\'s say I move the tune slider to +30, and release the mouse button. If I press the mouse button just to check the value, the value has suddenly changed to +25 or something. It will very seldom stick to the value I have set.

    Is this a bug in GigaStudio, or can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?


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    Re: Fine-tuning bug?

    Malo, I think this is just caused by the coarseness of the slider. There are two ways to get around this:

    1. Don\'t use this little slider. Go to the midi control surface and assign one of the long sliders to fine tune using the drop down menu.

    2. In oldest versions of Giga this may not have been implemented properly, but in more recent updates the keys on the number pad give you very fine control over functions in a selected channel:

    +/- = alters fine tune in increments of 1
    \'1\' = Channel Volume to 0
    \'2\' = Channel Volume DOWN in increments of 1
    \'7\' = Channel Volume to 127
    \'8\' = Channel Volume UP in increments of 1
    \'3\' = Pan hard left
    \'4\' = Pan left in increments of 1
    \'9\' = Pan hard right
    \'6\' = Pan Right in increments of 1

    Note: If you assign one of these sliders to a different midi controller, the functions affect the new destination. (eg select \'mod wheel\' instead of the default \'pan\' function, and numerals 3,4,9 and 6 will affect mod wheel amount). Also, immediately after you reassign a slider the number pad won\'t work. You just need to left click somewhere else on the channel to \'wake up\' the number pad connection.

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