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Topic: memory in Gst?

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    memory in Gst?

    Ok I can live with rather slow loading times, BUT! I can\'t seem to load more then 67% of the memory in Gst?
    Is this normal, what I\'m interested is if every single GSt set up properly should be able to load as much as 99%?
    Cause in 2 years I have never been even close to this figure......


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    Re: memory in Gst?

    I can load up till 99% in GS in Win98. However I run into some clicks and pops problems (which I have on one machine ALL the time at the moment btw - GS must be the most unpredictable piece of software ever invented). I tried expanding from 1gb (which is the highest amount of mem you can use in Win98) to 1.5 and give it a try in XP. However, I found that I can load less samples in XP with 1.5gb than with 1gb in Win98 - go figure. When I was up at about 60% loading became REEEEEEALLY slow, and at around 70% it told me there was no memory. I tried tweaking with Cacheman etc - no difference.

    An interestinf phenomenon, which I might not be the first to see, I found yesterday was that GS crashed - but not more than I could run it again without reboot. After doing this, my performance which took 5-10 minutes to load at first GS run, now only took 1-2 minutes!! What\'s up with that?? My guess is it has something to do with memory already being allocated by GS. BUT, if this is the case, how about making GS allocate all your memory once when you boot GS, and then release it all again - if this works fast and cut your loading times to 1/10th, it would certainly be a nice feature.

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    Re: memory in Gst?

    Yes alocating memory would be great, or at least something that would make it predictable..
    I had more or less the same story, 1Gb RAM, had great working 98SE , was able to load up to 87% which was enough..then switched to win2000 and I was able to load 45% then crash...now I\'m on WinME and I can load 67% before crash...
    so strange...heh..maybe I should write to Tascam, it would be the first time to ask for support..
    Oh SImon, since you\'re here..I\'m going to buy another giga rig soon, you said that the MSI mobo with SIS n&s bridge works well?
    And there is only one model from MSI with that chipset, as far as I know, right?


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    Re: memory in Gst?

    Oh well it\'s funny you should ask. I just assembled another system based around the SiS chipset, ECS K7S6A motherboard (the other one is K7S5A), and it doesnt work well. I get pops and clicks all the time for no apparent reason. I have now tried for two days to track down the problem without success, moving cards around, disabling PCI IRQ ACPI mode from Win98se and a lot of other things, still no luck. So right now I don\'t know what to recommend!

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    Re: memory in Gst?


    It appears the GigaStudio can\'t load more than 1 GB of memory under Win2K or XP. Tascam posted on their website a few months ago that this is a known issue. I haven\'t heard any updates on this problem.

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    Re: memory in Gst?

    Lex, for now my problem is gone. I moved the cards around and changed a few settings. Not sure which helped though. It seems pretty random what\'s going on Tomorrow I\'ll prolly be back in click hell. I dont think this is chipset related though, since this happened at the same place in the sequences each time. At one point I was convinced it was just a bad loop in the sample. But then all problems disappeared so... I don\'t know what to think.

    Haydn ahh ok not even over 1gb in XP. That explains the situation alright.

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    Re: memory in Gst?

    Wow...I don\'t mean to poop on GS but the more I talk to guys that are having problems the more I get the feeling this software is not quite the do-it-all dream sampler that Nemesys/Tascam would have me think.

    Today I learned that some libraries\' voice usage is so big that it results in an effective polyphony of only about 15-20 notes! Then I learned that more and more people are considering buying additional PC\'s so they can have more than just a few instruments going at once.

    Now this whole issue with crashing and memory. Maybe the grass is not much greener in Giga-land! [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: memory in Gst?

    Thanks, and your curent story sure sounds familiar...I guess it\'s just you get good components and then pray that giga will like them..GSt is like a spoiled brat..\"Giga do you like this MOBO...NO I want the other one, I don\'t like this one...but Giga this one has all t he features you need and plenty more..I DONT care I don\'t like this one..buahhaha...\"
    Yes giga is pain. Why is it so hard for Tascam to post exact specs for the machine that will run Gst perfectly? Because it would look scary, probably. What I want to say is that if you look at their requirements it seems that the only thing you need is a GSIF card, decent machine, and a fast HD, and off you go..well for some lucky people yes, but for meny NO...
    I know I\'m just ranting here, but I\'m just frustrated because last night I started on a new project, and guess what. Gst started missbehaving like hell. It took 37 minutes to load performance with 60% of memory loaded (1gig)...and thats fine, I\'m used to it...but, after those 37 minutes it crashed like hell...I really hate him sometimes...


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    Re: memory in Gst?

    Yet another bunch of specs for the record - I am having excellent machine performance (load times/capacities) w/ GS160 using the following rig by itself, running Logic 5.1.3 at the same time:

    WinXP Pro
    Asus P4B266-C Motherboard
    Intel P4 2.0GHz 512k cache
    1GB Corsair DDR SDRAM
    Western Digital WD400JB 40GB (system drive)
    Western Digital WD800BB 80GB (sample drive)
    Pioneer 106S DVD-ROM
    Leadtek WinFast A250 LE 64MB AGP (digital to LCD)

    I have loaded up to 99% memory without any trouble and the machine loads samples very quickly.

    It\'s also very stable, no crashes or frustrations like that. Now if only my Delta 1010 would be friends with it 100%... I\'ll eventually try an RME I think.

    If you use premium quality parts you shouldn\'t have problems at the machine end; I think finding the right sound card is the critical and hard part to conquer. There\'s definitely an element of hardware-OS-software compatibility Russian roulette involved, imo.

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    Re: memory in Gst?

    Simon Im confused
    You were ranting and raving about your K7s5a ECC motherboard with the Sis chip ,and finally after the long search for the right rig for giga studio you had put this setup through it\'spaces are were getting 160 voices without any pops or clicks.
    You were recomending it to everyone as the perfect motherboard for giga.

    And I was thinking , wow finally a motherboard and CPU combo that works great for giga .
    And now you are saying something totally different?

    Im guessing that it worked great for a while and just started to act up?
    That seems to be fairly common here.
    Donnie had a new soundchasers computer that he said was pop and click free and the perfect solution for giga , but then came back and posted a month later saying getting pops and clicks.
    Which leads me to conclude that NO ONE is able to run giga studio as advertized.
    160 voices of polyphony without pops and clicks or frezzes etc.
    I know after I post this a couple people are going to say they have they perfect machine , but after all the years of reading all the post and later on seeing the same people that had perfect running machines having problems.
    [If there is a perfect machine setup for giga , its probably as likely to come upon that combination as win the lottery.]

    OK a note to you Tascam and Nemesys tech wizards that designed this program.

    Thanks you very much for such a insightful and inovative piece of software[Im serious] but please try to fix this nuts and bolts basic problem of the pops and clicks before you invest anymore time in bells and whistles updates to this program.
    Thanks , Ken

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