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Topic: GPO upgrade to Kontakt (double post)

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    GPO upgrade to Kontakt (double post)

    This is a double post.

    I downloaded NI\'s demo version of Kontakt and it seems very cool. However, I cannot open any of the GPO sounds in the Kontakt demo. Is that because the version of Kontakt in the demo is 1.0 and the version for sale is 1.5?

    There\'s been talk about an upgrade path from GPO to the full version of Kontakt. I was wondering when it would occur and the pricing in U.S. dollars. Anyone care to comment?

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    Re: GPO upgrade to Kontakt (double post)

    Don\'t know about any upgrade paths, but you\'re correct that the reason the demo won\'t work is because it\'s 1.0. It wasn\'t until 1.5 that Kontakt was able to play the Kompakt and other locked libraries, like GPO and EWQLSO.

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