I have a standard roland vdrum club set with the td-6.
Very playable for my purposes - not being a drummer, but needing to sequence drums often.
The one thing I hate about my set is the hi hat pad. The new VH-12 looks great:

I played it today, very cool, but i don't own a TD-20. Does the TD-6 track continuous data from the VH-12 the same way as the TD-20, in other words, does it support CC04? I know the TD-20 can calibrate the VH-12, i've seen the demo, but i don't know if the td-6 does this.

Also, I am using Logic 7. Can I map an EXS24 drum kit with hi hat samples that the VH-12 can trigger from my TD-6? With the same sort of closed, mid, open, foot closed, choke stuff?

If not, what software sampler DOES do this?