I\'ve got a somewhat convoluted setup now trying to record some VOTA samples using the new utility
--which means my Sonar midi track outputs are set to LB1 (Hubi\'s loopback), and LB1 outputs to Channels 1-10 of Gigastudio, where I have the VOTA voices loaded. All sounds fine.

But THEN I\'ve tried to mixdown my midi tracks to audio and after creating an audio track in Sonar to mixdown to it won\'t allow me to select either of my soundcards (I have a Midiman Delta 66 AND a Soundblaster Live Value)as input or output! When I click on the name of either card, no selection is made.

Because of my inserting that loopback, am I not allowed to record in Sonar and can only record in Gigastudio now? (I\'ve only this weekend upgraded to Gigastudio from Gigasampler).

I\'ve recorded a LOT of times before and recorded Gigasampler tracks into Sonar a number of times. This is the first instance of not being able to select a recording input or output.

I would also mention that I\'m unable to even arm the mixdown track (by pressing \"R\")--nothing happens.