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Topic: 3.01 solves Stacked Inst prob?

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    3.01 solves Stacked Inst prob?

    It seems to have done exactly that, when using stacked instruments. I played for about an hour last night and did not hear one pop...not convinced yet but am hopful.

    Good job Tascam. At least your trying!


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    Re: 3.01 solves Stacked Inst prob?

    Yep, I just stacked the 3 parts of Vintaudio Yamaha without a scratch ! Beautiful ...

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    Re: 3.01 solves Stacked Inst prob?

    Vintaudio's C7 is wonderful piano...one of my favorites for shure.


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    Re: 3.01 solves Stacked Inst prob?

    I think that was probably the first thing to be fixed. Most GSI-format files depend upon stacking in order to leverage multiple GigaPulse feeds and other GS-3 advanced programming methods. GSI is the new "Gig" file, in terms of really stretching the boundaries in ways which are most flexible to the end user.

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