In the gigasampler editor for some wave files the unity notes always seem to revert to C4 when I save the gig. For example I exported the wave files from the post gradioso piano and then tried to build another instrument from these wave files( there are reasons why I didn\'t simply create a new instrument in the same gig file ).
I use the option to automatically set the unity notes from the filenames, which works initially. All the notes are correctly positioned when I create the gig and the unity notes seem to be set correctly. However when I save the gig the unity notes all get set to A4. Nothing I\'ve tried has been able to stop this, and so I\'ve been unable to construct a working gigfile from these files. I\'ve got the editor that came with gigasamplerLE. Could this be an old bug that is now fixed? Does anyone know any workarounds?

Wave files I\'ve created seem to work OK... the problem files do have an internal name defined? Could this be related to this problem?