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Topic: help with sonar and giga 3

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    help with sonar and giga 3

    I am running sonare 4 with giga 3. my master keyboard (roland rd170) doesn't have a modulation wheel. I have many samples that can switch and otherwise be controlled with a modulation wheel. Is it possible to re-map my sustain pedal (Which can also act as an expression pedal) to control a modulation wheel in giga? I know it's possible to assign one of the faders in the midi mixer in giga to modulation wheel and control it with my mouse, but it would work so much better with pedal control. Thanks for any help good people.
    ps. In sonar 4 I am now able to mix down audio without disabling fast bounce. I was not able to do this in sonar 3.

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    Re: help with sonar and giga 3

    I also have sonar 4 and GS3. At first I thought that the "fastbounce" was working until I added numerous tracks to the mix. Then it had all the weird artifacts again. If it's actually working for you with lots of tracks I'd like to know.

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    Re: help with sonar and giga 3

    I only tried it with a few tracks. I'll give it a try with more and let you know how it goes.

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    Re: help with sonar and giga 3


    You might try the "Pitch Wheel Map MFX Plug-in" over at the support section at Garrritan. GPO requires a mod wheel, and it appears some enterprising people have created programs to support keyboards without a mod wheel:


    I am confident this will work with Sonar, since it is on the Sonar-GPO page.

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    sonar 4 bounce reply and modulation wheel info

    Thanks for the tip on the modulation Plug in. I figured another way of doing it which works ok, in Giga I open the midi mixer, change one of the three controllers to modulation wheel, place my mouse pointer in the box, then use the scrool wheel to controll it. The only problem with doing it this way is the resolution is quite big making the changes a little choppy.
    I tried bouncing 5 tracks (Big ones) in sonar 4 without fast bounce and it worked fine.

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    Re: help with sonar and giga 3


    I don't have Sonar, but to me it looks like you can do it - pardon me if I'm wrong.

    In Sonar, there's a vertical strip to the left of a midi track called the track inspector.
    At the bottom of this column, below the track name strip, are four symbols.
    One is simply labelled 'FX'. It has three states - grey, green and blue.
    Click on it until it goes blue and four slots will appear at the top of the inspector column. These give you access and visual feedback on up to four controllers. However, there is a right click menu which lets you do more.

    1. Highlight one of those midi controller slots, then using right clicks...

    2. Make sure that the 'disable control' option is not checked.
    3. Choose 'reassign control' and assign this slot to controller 1 - mod wheel.
    Now if you had a mod wheel connected, you could wiggle it and see the fader and a value bar in the controller slot move up and down.
    4. Choose 'remote control'
    5. Check the 'Controller' button and enter a value of 64 if you want your sustain pedal to do the work. If you want an expression pedal to do the work, use 11 instead.

    That's it. You've told Sonar to interpret sustain pedal/expression data as mod wheel info for that track. When you exit the remote control page, you should be able to move your pedal and see the fader on the track inspector respond accordingly.

    If that doesn't work, someone's created an mfx plugin which does the same thing. You can find it here: http://www.tencrazy.com/gadgets/

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    Re: help with sonar and giga 3

    Thanks Chadwick and all. I got it working. I managed to map it into a volume slider on my keyboard.

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    Re: help with sonar and giga 3

    I am still trying to figure out how to "bounce-to-tracks" a GS3 Rewire connection. It plays fine with Midi input and playback, but when I try to bounce tracks to save the audio - I get nothing - and earlier attemps if I got something (before I applied the 3.02 patch) it would have starts and stops and huge peaks ..

    I have all audio ports enabled on Sonar 4 and GS3.
    I open a new Sonar project, startup a rewire device of GS3
    I select the Giga device port 1 channel 1
    I loaded the voice into that port after double clicking the rewire device to open GS3.
    Plays fine, I can record the midi to replay fine.
    But bounce to tracks - now is getting nada-zip-niente-nothin

    What are people doing to get this to work?
    What am I missing?

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    Re: help with sonar and giga 3

    Are you soloing the tracks that you want to mix down? Make sure that you do. I keep forgetting sometimes and get nothing.

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    Re: help with sonar and giga 3

    I have tried soloing. But still nothing..
    In order to have playback, I have to solo the Midi, the Rewire and the Audio track on normal playback.

    I am now trying an Install of Sonar 3 and the 3.1.1 patch to see if I have better luck with the earlier version.

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