I was using GigaStudio 2.20 in Win 98SE with no problems,
and upgraded to a different system (Win2k, GS 2.50, and Echo Mia)

I am having a problem with a specific note of a patch in the Prosonus
Orchestral library (Flute Sus). When I press the center B key in the
Midi Control Surface in GigaStudio (No sequencer or controller, direct imput
into GS!!!) for more than a couple seconds, the note breaks up, and sometimes:
1-An echo can be heard, or
2-Different notes can be heard too.
3-Sometimes, notes from different patches (If some other patches are loaded), can be heard too.
4-If I keep pressing the note, after a while I can\'t get over 6 or so voices polyphony.
5-After pressing the note a few times, the other notes go crazy as well, and even the other banks, transforming any MIDI playback with this sample loaded into a complete anarchy of disconnected notes.
6-After a while also, the Audio Capture get\'s screwed up (It records silence)

Here\'s a video with sound that I made of the problem that I\'m having:
This is 1.5 Mb
Also, a ZIP file (Just 1 Mb) is at
The video uses the same codec as the David Govett tutorial, but if you don\'t have it, download it here:

This very strange problem only happens with this patch of the Prosonus library (No other patches
have done that so far), and only when that specific note is pressed for more than 2 seconds.

Also, I tried to load the original sample (That works perfectly on Win92SE with GS 2.20),
into the other hard drive of the Win2K computer (To discard Hard Drive problems were the cause), and
the same problem is still there.
This is very baffling! Is it possible that the way that sample is programmed makes all this happen in my machine?
Is this a bug, or merely bad luck? (Like I say, on Win98SE and GS2.20, no problems)

Perhaps Donnie or any other developers, or people really familiar with GigaStudio (King, are you listening? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] )
have a clue about this very bizarre problem.

Thanks in advance!