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Topic: Hox to extract instruments from Keyswitch ?

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    Hox to extract instruments from Keyswitch ?

    Does anyone knows how to extract a unique instrument from a Keyswitch program ?
    For example extract Violin Sustain from the Advanced Orchestra Violin section Keyswitch (contain Violin sustain, marcato, pizz...)?

    Thanks !

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    Re: Hox to extract instruments from Keyswitch ?

    I would try this, unless you get better informed advice from someone else on this forum:

    1. In the Editor, highlight all regions. Also, I believe you may have to select all velocity splits by clicking on the 6 little boxes to the right of the velocity window, turning them red. I\'m not totally sure if this is the right thing to do, but it may be.

    2. Click on the dimension that represents the Keyswitching (I believe it is labelled \"keyboard\", meaning that the keyboard is controlling the selection of voices to play)d

    3. You\'ll see the number of splits that are currently in effect in your instrument. If there are only two splits (this may be the wrong terminology... I seem to remember that 1 bit gives you the possibility of selecting between two voices and that this is called 2 splits.) You should now reduce the number of splits to none.

    4. You are given a choice of keeping the upper or lower splits. Here you have to know where the voice you desire to extract is. If it\'s in the higher of the two splits, keep that one. If it\'s in the lower split, keep that one.

    5. In the case of more than two splits, it\'s a little more complex... you have to do the reduction in two steps, and it\'s a bit tricky to know which splits to keep in the first step. In fact, I think if you play around a bit with this, you\'ll be able to instruct yourself better than I can.

    6. When you\'ve isolated the voice you wanted to extract, save the instrument under a new name.
    Have fun.... but don\'t forget to play music.

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