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Topic: NI not concerned/canīt register!!!

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    NI not concerned/canīt register!!!

    Since I got my Bosendorfer plug-in Iīm trying to register the Kompakt on NI. Whenever I go to the register page I receive an error message. Iīve already sent 3 emails to NI and they replyed only once asking for my sistem ID , then I provided it and... nothing. My 5 days have already gone and Iīm not able to use the product anymore. I remain asking them but they donīt reply.
    I just donīt know why all this things against piracy - theyīre simply useless , rackers always break this protections - and who really have problem with it are the cosumers , that have a bed service from the company. It would be easyer and faster if I hired a racker to break the registration than to wait for the NI support , Am I rigth or wrong???... but Iīm not going to do this...
    And donīt tell me that I shoundnīt post things like that , just re-read above and if NI are not concerned about my problem someone here migth be!!!

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    Re: NI not concerned/canīt register!!!

    Have U tried contacting Emily at E/W? 1-800-833-8339. or maybe try calling NI [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ..Rich

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    Re: NI not concerned/canīt register!!!

    Rich , thanks for your suggestion. Actually , Iīve just received my authorization key by email - I hope next time wonīt be necessary post another complain to have my problem solved. It took me almost one week!!!

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    Re: NI not concerned/canīt register!!!

    O.k, Good! Enjoy the Bosey..Rich

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