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Topic: OT:need help with Altiverb

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    OT:need help with Altiverb

    Sorry for the OT post here....

    but I've just purchased Altiverb as a download, installed it...When the menu opens asking me to select the folder containing the impulse responses, I select the appropriate folder; the window closes momentarily, then reopens and asks me to select again...and again...and again....

    How can I fix this??

    I was able to use the demo no problem.

    Running Logic 6.3.3 on a Mac Dual 2.


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    Re: OT:need help with Altiverb

    hey Lee..
    thanks...I have emailed them. I'm sure I'll hear back in due course. But you know how it is...deadlines loom...really wanted this working for me right away.

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    Re: OT:need help with Altiverb

    ha ha! thanks Craig
    tried that too....was too late...tomorrow, I guess. Yeah, I tried the demo yesterday and I had to have it.

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    Re: OT:need help with Altiverb

    Probably has to do with the demo - trash the install and the preferences (id move the IR's to a dummy folder to avoid having to re-install them).

    Re-install - move the IRs back to the appropriate folder and try again.

    If you have more troubles, list the specifics of your system.

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    Re: OT:need help with Altiverb

    thanks SWL...I'm running 10.3.5

    I did try trashing everything and doing a reinstall. Now the window asking me to locate the impulse response folder doesn't even appear at all. And consistently, if I close Altiverb then immediately try and reopen, it crashes Logic.

    Oh well...guess I'll get some answers tomorrow.

    Thanks again, all


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    Re: OT:need help with Altiverb

    ok...got it figured out with friendly and prompt help from the folks at AudioEase. When I downloaded the software from their site, I received 2 installers: one for the app, one for the impulses (or so I thought). The latter seemed to place all the impulses in the folder. In fact, however, these were just updates, not the raw data. Once I downloaded and installed the impulses one by one, they were found by Altiverb without further problem.

    Thanks again for trying to help out!

    And Altiverb sounds fabulous.


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