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Topic: gigastudio and gigasampler

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    gigastudio and gigasampler

    Apologies if it\'s a dumb question, but what\'s the difference between gigastudio and gigasampler?

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    Re: gigastudio and gigasampler

    Gigastudio is the new version of Gigasampler.

    It has much more features and a better user interface.

    Some of the new features are:
    160 voices instead of 64
    64 midi channels instead of 16
    built in effects
    sample search engine (for me this is THE feature of Gigastudio)

    Joris Vincken

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    Re: gigastudio and gigasampler

    Don\'t feel bad asking this question. I asked the same thing when I was first looking at getting a giga system. I ended up going with gigastudio and I would recommend that you do the same. I\'m not even sure if Tascam sells gigasampler anymore, but there are different levels of gigastudio to choose from.

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    Re: gigastudio and gigasampler


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    Re: gigastudio and gigasampler

    I don\'t recomend you gigasampler because I just works with Win 9x and GigaStudio works in windows XP (not works ok for everyone) and also gigasampler can\'t read some giga Files created just for GigaStudio

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