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Topic: Tascam fix this! - Occaisional drop outs

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    Tascam fix this! - Occaisional drop outs

    No, it\'s not a pops and clicks problem. I get 160 poly just fine on both my setups MOST of the time. The problem is (and I\'ve seen it posted here before) that every 1 to 3 minutes I get a dropout from one instrument. Never consistent, never the same place twice. Impossible to predict.

    Sounds (and looks in an editor) almost like a clock error but it\'s only with gigastudio - all other apps/hardware are rock solid.

    The workaround posted here ages ago was something to do with loading up to a certain point of memory, then unloading down to a certain point, impaling a voodoo doll and doing a rain dance.

    %*&# that. I\'m trying to track multiple scores right now for a client and I\'m sick of crossing my fingers for every track in a 5 minute song.

    This is ridiculous. TASCAM! WHAT\'S GOING ON WITH THIS???

    Please fix asap. I\'m NOT the only user with this problem.

    System specs are NOT my problem: First PC is a PIII 800 w 768MB, 2nd is an Athlon XP 1800 w 1GB. Both with speedy Maxtor 7200RPM drives. The biggest indicator is that the problem occurs regardless of poly. (Happens even at 2 voices)

    Please respond. This has been driving me up the wall for months and is now wasting literally hours each day.


    ps: any users who can steer me to a solution have my undying gratitude and respect

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    Re: Tascam fix this! - Occaisional drop outs

    Tascam finally ackowledged this issue a couple months ago on their forum. They claim they have never had it happen on one of their machines. Someone with the issue sent the machine to Tascam and they verified the problem. I can\'t believe that they have never had the problem on one of their machine as pretty much everyone on this forum including myself have had this issue.

    I do the fix whenever I\'m doing a final mix and it resolves the issue until I reboot. At least I can get my work done. BTW, I\'ve recorded up to 22 minutes in one piece without getting the 2 minute pop (or whatever it\'s called) after doing the fix. I unload a large performance to about 15% of memory used. Then load a small performance and then reload the large performance.

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    Re: Tascam fix this! - Occaisional drop outs

    This was just posted on the Tascam forum today regarding the 2 minute glitch:

    Good News!

    The now infamous “2-minute glitch” appears to have been diagnosed and fixed. Joe and the Giga engineers in Austin, with the help of a Giga computer that had exhibited the glitch (kindly donated for this diagnosis by Mark Legget), have pinpointed the cause of the glitch and have created a hotfix that corrects the problem. Here’s the technical explaination:

    “We now believe, without question, that we understand what piece of code is causing the glitch every two minutes. Unfortunately, it is deep in the bowels of the Windows 9x kernel. It looks like the developers of the Windows kernel decided that they would issue a background task every two minutes. This task runs all the time, whether you have Giga up and running, or whether you are running your mail tool. This task is fairly harmless, UNLESS you have a large amount of memory allocated - such as a large Giga performance. This task will turn off interrupts and perform some memory parsing. Interrupts turned off for too long are deadly to audio cards. Consequently, what is happening is that the card is getting starved for samples and you get the pop.”

    Here are the symptoms:

    1. A machine running Windows 98, with more than 512 MB installed RAM will produce a single and very audible pop at 2 minutes as a single note of one instrument is held down continuously.

    2. The pop will occur more often on a machine that has a Giga performance (loaded instruments) that occupies more than 50% of the available memory.

    3. The workaround for this glitch was to reset and re-load the Giga performance. For some reason, reloading the instruments after they had been opened and then cleared reduced or eliminated the 2- minute popping problem more often than not.

    4. The problem appears to be predominately isolated to Windows 98 Giga machines.

    The above listed symptoms are very specific, and I want to make it clear that this fix will only address this specific issue. Random clicking and popping can be caused by any number of things including: system settings, clock settings and scenarios, sound card buffers, and Window’s system tweaks (or lack thereof). The two minute glitch hotfix addresses only that…the “2-minute glitch” that some of you have experienced in the past.

    At the moment, the fix has been tested with a group of end users (many of whom are Giga power users) who have been diagnosed as having the problem in the past, and have been a part of the effort to nail down the cause of the glitch. Most of these users have tried the fix and reports are 100% successful in eliminating the 2-minute pop on their machines. Until we have more of an opportunity to test the fix on many machines, we are not going to make it widely available to the general public, since most people have not experienced the glitch and therefore do not require this update. We hope that you understand the reason for this.

    If you do feel that you have this glitch and would like to get the hotfix, please send an email to GIGATEAM@tascam.com and we will send the fix to you along with specific instructions if you would like to try it. When we are 158% sure that it is solid, and there are no pesky side effects that have not been discovered as of yet, we will include the hotfix with future updates, and make it available to download from the Giga website.

    Thanks again for your understanding. Thanks to those who helped out with the campaign to nail this glitch, and a really big thanks to Joe and the Giga-guys in Austin for rolling up their Giga-sleeves and digging into the deepest, darkest, recesses of the PC code world to solve this problem.


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    Re: Tascam fix this! - Occaisional drop outs

    Haydn, you\'re freakin awesome man. Thanks so much!

    I\'m emailing them nowwww...


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    Re: Tascam fix this! - Occaisional drop outs

    Three years in the making and finally a response!! Can\'t wait to try it!!

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    Re: Tascam fix this! - Occaisional drop outs

    Just installed the Tascam HOTFIX. Seemed to reduce the periodic pop but did not eliminate it. I will still have to load, unload, and reload when I\'m ready to record.


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