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Topic: OT: Experiences with the Film Music Store?

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    OT: Experiences with the Film Music Store?

    I was wondering if anyone else here has had any experience with the The Film Music Store (now The Industry Store) that approaches what has happened to me.

    I ordered 3 items from them beginning in April. Every order has been a complete disaster trying to actually get what I paid for.

    Order #1: My mid-april order never arrives, so I email them a few times getting no response. Their website says it might take 2-5 weeks for an order to arrive, so I wait. After 6-7 weeks I call a couple of times and leave messages. In June, I finally get a call back and they say the order says it shipped long ago. They send out "another one", to the exact same address, and it gets here with 3 days.

    Order#2: Placed July 7th. Nothing arrives. Mid-August I repeatedly email and call them. Finally get an email back saying the product is on backorder and they send me a .pdf of the book, also stating "You will still be receiving your product in the mail very soon." It still hasn't arrived on October 7th.

    Order#3: Placed July 16th. Same deal, nothing ever shows up. I repeatedly email and call. On August 26th I get the backorder response again, saying it will ship by "next week". This also hasn't arrived as of October 7th.

    Finally, after feeling that I have been more than patient in waiting for my products, today I initiated chargebacks with my credit card company for the merchandise never received.

    Has anyone else had any trouble buying from them? It's hard to imagine that all 3 orders having problems could be an isolated incident.

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    Re: OT: Experiences with the Film Music Store?

    hahaha yes - talk to those of us that ordered the game directory in Nov, only to get it I believe in May or June and find out that the info in it is outdated.

    I am not sure what is up with that store/company - I would not be surprised if it is one person making the products, selling and shipping them!!
    Eric Doggett
    MoonDog Media

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    Re: OT: Experiences with the Film Music Store?

    Same deal with me too. I ordered a book (which immediately charged against my account) and never received it (its been two months.) Lesson learned - don't buy from them (unless you have money you don't need.)

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    Re: OT: Experiences with the Film Music Store?

    I bought a subscription to their magazine back in January or February of this year, got charged right away, recieved my first issue 2 months later. And nothing else. No more issues since then.

    The really sad part is that the issue I received was from 2002. Then I tried emailing them about this and my emails kept bouncing.

    I've heard nothing but major complaints about them.


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    Re: OT: Experiences with the Film Music Store?

    I've also had bad experiences with them. I purchased a book from them a few years ago but never got anything. I too tried calling and emailing but never got responses. They were sure quick on charging my card though.

    Also, (around the same time) I had joined the film music network for the job postings. I soon then found out that they were all posted elsewhere on free sites!
    David Bateman

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    I bought (well, tried to buy) a "Welcome to L.A." package about a year and a half ago - several months before we packed up and left to come here - and hadn't received it six months later after we arrived and had settled in. I had done all of the due diligence in setting up my DBA on my own and simply cancelled my order. I don't remember how long it took to get the refund, but I remember having to make several calls and sending a few emails...
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Same experience here. I ordered a book and CD on July 21, my credit card was charged on the 27th and here it is Oct 8th and I still have yet to receive my order.

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    This looks like a pattern, doesn't it?
    I signed up for a Scott Smalley seminar last February. It was scheduled for April. The week of the seminar came and I received an email letting me know it was cancelled. Fine, just refund me. Will do. Months went by, no refund. I called the owner and he promised he would send me the $ by the end of the week, along with an audio CD by Scott Smalley I had ordered 8 weeks prior (with the usual up to 5 weeks promised delivery)
    Weeks went by, nothing. So I threatened to post negative comments on the Film Music site. Finally, 20 weeks from the time I first paid for the seminar I got a refund. I have to say that the owner was very courteous, he even sent me an extra audio CD seminar by Jack Smalley to make up for the horrible customer service.
    I'll never buy anything else from them again. And I will never renew my Film Music network membership.
    BTW Bateman, what is the address of the site where you found the same listings?

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