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Topic: OK, here it is- my first GOS mockup!!

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    OK, here it is- my first GOS mockup!!

    Hey, I hope it's cool to post this over here on the GPO side since GOS doesn't have a demo area. Plus, no one goes there

    I decided to do Bach's Air On (A, The) G String. Basically four voices, not a lot of articulations needed, a good experiment with legato playing. I'm pretty happy with it, though there's a lot of room for improvement. Some of the attacks are stilted, some of the EXP data is jumpy and there's not a lot of expression in the peice as far as tempo and ornamentation. But, I learned a lot doing this. BTW, I started with the warm strngs when I played it, but in the end I thought the regular strings sounded better. Also, I used Pittz strings in the basses instead of bowed. Oh, and purists, don't beat me up for the harpsichord continuo (courtesy of PMI!!)

    OK, critism encouraged- let me have it-


    PS- this had to be hosted on AOL's ftp area, and the dowload is slow as watching paint dry. It's about a 5 Mb file. Sorry...

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    Re: OK, here it is- my first GOS mockup!!

    OK, fixed the link-- case %@$# sensetive...

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    Re: OK, here it is- my first GOS mockup!!

    No kidding, I'll wake myself up when its done and report back.

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    Re: OK, here it is- my first GOS mockup!!



    That was easy. What the heck are you talking about?! This sounds pretty darn good to me. I'd like to compair it to renditions done with GPO to see how it holds up to the monster GOS.

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    Re: OK, here it is- my first GOS mockup!!

    Man I love that piece! Great job!

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    Re: OK, here it is- my first GOS mockup!!

    Oh man, thanks!! I just mean I don't think Neville Mariner is losing any sleep over my little rendition... *lol* I'm a freak when it comes to details (in music, not my personal life ). They vex me. It's like the Monty Python Restaurant Sketch:

    "It's only a speck."
    "No, it's not!!! It's a huge ball of puss!"

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    Re: OK, here it is- my first GOS mockup!!

    "It's only a speck."
    "No, it's not!!! It's a huge ball of puss!"

    If you want to beat yourself up and be a perfectionist -- you have to know the meaning of a masochist saying beat me -- and the sadist saying "No!"

    This piece of work is exceptional - even with the slow download. The interpretation is clean and dynamics come through well on my system (not the best -- not the worst, just right and affordable.)

    When it comes to "perfection" please remember that until recently, music, particularly orchestral music -- was a collabertive art. One weak string, one sore lip in the brass, or broken reed not replaced timely in a performance could not be attributed to the composer, arranger, or conductor. But on the computer we assume not only those roles -- but have to tweek and play each section and sample to a standard that would drive even Bernstein crazy...and he demanded a lot!

    Do not let the exactness of computer music take away the fun and personal expression -- or you will end up in a place for hopelessly bewildered musicians who never get anything done.

    AND - congratulations on your first piece. It is obviously put together with more thought and love than any Garageband user (me) can demonstrate. I just gotta upgrade sequencing!!!!!!
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    Re: OK, here it is- my first GOS mockup!!

    Fred, this is a simple piece that is usually messed up somehow, but I kept waiting for something to go wrong, and I just listened all the way through with eyes closed. I have to tell you, you obviously have great feeling and emotion. That is something that so many don't seem to have, and I ain't saying who You're not one of them
    Beautiful job! I swear, Bach's music is absolutely unreal.
    One of my favorite all time classical pieces. Would you mind sharing the midi file?
    SUPER JOB !!!

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    Re: OK, here it is- my first GOS mockup!!

    Wow, thanks!! Sure, I'll try and remember to bring home a copy of the MIDI file (that pc has no internet access).

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    Re: OK, here it is- my first GOS mockup!!

    Crikey Fred... I read the posts... I set off the download...

    I'm dying of anticipation here!


    *twiddles thumbs*

    *makes a cuppa*

    *repaints house*

    OKAY! here we go.

    ... time passes ....

    Mother of all things holy... That's smashing! The basso continuo is fine. I was quite good at improvsing over figured bass notation at one point :-) Absolutely lovely.

    I must have GOS now. How much is it?


    *expletive deleted* Okay, so I'm going to have to turn pro to get that! :-(

    Joking aside Fred, absolutely superb stuff.


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