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Topic: How to create a .art file ?

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    How to create a .art file ?

    Hi all,

    In this forum I\'ve seen several references to articulation files.
    I want to have several settings for the East/West Steinway B piano,
    and I think .art files would be very handy
    However, I don\'t know how to create them.

    I\'m using GigaSampler LE and the accompanying instrument editor is 1.0


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    Re: How to create a .art file ?


    Art files are simply all the patch info in a .gig file without the actual wav file.

    If two people have the same instrument, they can develop variations on the instrument\'s patch data and share them by swapping .art files.

    The first thing you need to do is make a copy of the instrument you\'re working on and use the copy to make changes. That\'s simple.

    1. Open the instrument in the editor
    2. If the instrument contains more than one patch/instrument pick which one you want to make a variation on and copy and paste it back into the same instrument. You\'ll be told that there is already an instrument with the same patch number and asked if you want to give it the next highest patch number. Just say yes.
    3. With an instrument the size of, say, Gigapiano, this can take a while as, for some reason, all the wav data is backed up when you copy an instrument. You just have to be patient. Smaller instruments are obviously quicker.
    4. Once you have the copy, you can rename it and edit it to your hearts desire. A good place to start for this is the new instrument editor tutorial made by Kevin Phelan. It\'s at nemesysmusic.com.
    5. Once you\'ve made your new instrument version, save the whole gig file to disk. It won\'t be substantially larger than the original, as there\'s no new wav info, just patch data.
    6. If you want to share your variations with others who have the same instrument, go to \'file\' and choose \'save articulation\'. This will save the patch information only. When the .art file is loaded into the same instrument by someone else, your patches will replace theirs, but use the same wav files.
    7. Because an art file totally replaces the patches in an instrument, including the factory ones, it\'s a good idea to save an instrument with the originals as well as your variations. That way others can load the art file and see the factory patches as well as your extra variations.

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    Re: How to create a .art file ?

    Thanks for your reply Chadwick.

    I managed to get 2 versions of the piano in the same file.
    Switching between them in GigaSampler is easy and quick (as I\'d expected)

    However, I don\'t have the \"save articulation\" item in the file menu
    of the instrument editor. Also no option in the \"save as...\" dialog.
    Mayheps my instrument editor is too old ? ( version 1.0)


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