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Topic: PMI Bos290 GS3 demo

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    PMI Bos290 GS3 demo

    The title says it; the 5 stars awarded PMI Grandioso Bosendorfer 290 is now available in GS3 format, it will be added to our on-line store this week.
    To show the features of the new version and to give a comparison with the PMI EMPEROR and OLD LADY we made a demo with the same midi file as the other two. (Yeah I know midi file...).

    Grandioso Bosendorfer 290 IMAGES GS3

    EMPEROR Images
    OLD LADY Images

    The GS3 version uses a GigaPulse embedded Body Resonance impulse to emulate the sustain pedal effect. Other IR's are provided for room abience. The GS3 version has a re-mastered 24 bit wavepool, more programmed velocity layers and sustain pedal activated noises. It's really a new piano library.
    The price will be $200 (as the old version) and upgrades will be available for registered users for $50.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: PMI Bos290 GS3 demo

    This is a really nice demo. If I listen to often to it, i can't resist anymore and have to buy this library
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: PMI Bos290 GS3 demo

    Quote Originally Posted by Przemek K.
    This is a really nice demo. If I listen to often to it, i can't resist anymore and have to buy this library

    O boy....out comes the cheque book again :-))

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    Re: PMI Bos290 GS3 demo

    Could you sumarize the differences between the Emperor and the Bos 290?

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    Re: PMI Bos290 GS3 demo

    Hi Ron,

    You can find the vital stats here in a comparison between the 8 PMI pianos.

    To be more precise: The PMI Grandioso Bosendorfer 290 is a piano captured with "breath" or "air" around the notes. I recorded both dry samples and ambient samples. The dry samples are recorded fairly close to the piano strings. The wet samples are recorded at a distance so that the hall acoustic is captured. You experience a concert hall type of sound with both dry and wet sample sets and you can control the amount of ambience mixing dry and wet sample sets. The number of recorded velocity layers is: 6 for the dry sample set (pedal up only) and 12 for the wet set (6 pedal up and 6 pedal down).
    The EMPEROR is recorded in a smaller room with the microphones closer to the strings and damping around the piano to avoid room ambience leakage into the microphone signal. This brings you a piano sound without noticable traces of room ambience. The room acoustics are provided by GigaPulse presets which gives you total control over the amount of ambience and reverb. The number of recorded velocity layers is 12 for pedal up, 12 for pedal down and 4 for release.
    As the comparison page indicates the Grandioso Bosendorfer 290 is more suited for Orchestral, Jazz, Classic styles while the EMPEROR works extremely well for all genres.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: PMI Bos290 GS3 demo

    ...Just played the PMI Bosendorfer Plug-In side by side with The Emperor in EXS24 and the differences in timbre are clear. The EMPEROR is brighter (more open) in the middle 2 or 3 octaves and has more low end in the bass. The treble side is equally powerful.
    Now the Bosendorfer290 has a more mellow, gentle feeling in the middle octaves and sounds more classical, orchestral. The bass is -as the reviews say- thunderous and the treble side is very open and reveals the ambience.
    Both have very strong personalities with their own merits and charms.
    You must have both...

    Maybe some of the users that have both pianos could chime in here and add their observations. I would like to know how users think about the way these two blend with other instruments in full mixes. Your comments are welcome!
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: PMI Bos290 GS3 demo

    Thanks for the explanation, that helps a great deal. I've noticed the Bos does have a richer high end (lets say G5 on up) than the Emperor straight out of the box... I've not played (much) with tweaking the effects yet. I screw around a bit with the early Emperor sample sets (before the latest G3 arrival) because of the limitations of the G2 setup and the corruption with the TASCAM's official release. The revised Emperor plays well out of the box. The Bos290 is still my favorite at this point for just general playing...just reacts closest to the big grands I used to play regularly (which was oddly enough a 9' Baldwin).

    I guess I'll have to order the upgrade :-)

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    Re: PMI Bos290 GS3 demo

    You must have both...
    repeat at lib

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    Re: PMI Bos290 GS3 demo

    Mr. Post,

    Would you be so kind as to provide a demo of the GS2 Bos 290 performing the same midi file as the GS3 Bos 290? It would be very instructive to hear the differences created by Gigapulse, the extra velocities, and 24bit files side by side, if possible.



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    Re: PMI Bos290 GS3 demo

    Although I DO have a lot of other things to do...
    sure, I´ll run that same (Image) midi file over the GS2 version and post the MP3 in the same bit rate etc.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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