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Topic: Best Sequencer and Notation Program

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    Best Sequencer and Notation Program

    Which one is the best sequencer and notation program that works with GS under Windows XP?

    I use Logic Platinum 5.1.2 so far but it takes me a lot of study to work with this program. I need
    another program wich is more \"easy go\" and can mainly perform two jobs:

    1)Fast but able to write elaborated musical scores
    and being able to make nice score prints. Mouse entry and realtime keyboard entry.

    2)Play back midi files through Gigastudio.

    I will not use this program for sound recording.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Best Sequencer and Notation Program

    I think that most of the notation programs are also sequencers, but maybe not as sophisticated as sequencer-oriented programs like Logic. Logic in itself is not notation-oriented, although I use it and it does what I need to have done (for score edition)... I like having all in one place, I find it simpler in the end...

    What do you find complicated about Logic? Sequencing or editing scores? I admit that Logic isn\'t always easy to understand, but the more I know it the more I like it...

    There have been threads on that subject. Many here are Sibelius fans, while some prefer Finale. You might make a search, I\'m sure you\'ll find many useful info.

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    Re: Best Sequencer and Notation Program

    Thanks for the reply eliam.

    First of all I used MUSICATOR for more than 5 years to write my scores. It was a handy and fast program but of course has it\'s limitations.

    I learned a lot with Logic 5 Platinum but for example the mouse entry is about half of the speed as Musicator was. It\'s true, the more one uses Logic, the more affinity grows for it. But still, it has some problems. For example for 3 days I\'m unable to start the program, because of an error message \"XSKey cannot be found\". I e-mailed customer support, got already an answer but no remedy so far.

    I downloaded the trial version of Sibelius, Cubase and Finale. I played with each of them this evening and found FINALE the best of all for my needs.

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    Re: Best Sequencer and Notation Program

    A friend of mine works with Finale and he seems to like it a lot... I guess when I\'ll want to edit sophisticated scores, I\'ll export my .mid files in this kind of notation program...

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    Re: Best Sequencer and Notation Program

    Thanks eliam. Does your friend have an e-mail address. I would like to contact him and exchange some thoughts before I buy another program.

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    Re: Best Sequencer and Notation Program

    Funny as it can seem, no, he doesn\'t have an e-mail address yet... I\'ll ask him anyway, maybe he has step out of stone age...

    But as I said, the issue has been discussed on this forum, and you might find relevant info through a search. I\'ll keep you informed anyway!

    Be at peace.

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    Re: Best Sequencer and Notation Program

    Finale is great if you\'re serious about scoring and notation. If all you want to do is basic note entry and simple artifacts (slurs, ties, staccatto, etc.) I would think it was major learning curve overkill (you said \"easy go\" in your initial post.) It does produce beautiful charts, though.


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    Re: Best Sequencer and Notation Program

    I actually downloaded the finale 2002 demo version
    and found it easy enough to go. I played with it for several days and I think I will buy the 2003 version.

    Bt the way, my Logic 5 version is for sale at e-bay. It\'s a hybrid version which works for PC and Mac. Since I have a PC platform and heard the bad news about emagic I decided to sell it. Currently it\'s at www.ebay.com for $ 1.-- starting price.

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    Re: Best Sequencer and Notation Program

    Still interested in asking questions about finale to my friend?

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    Re: Best Sequencer and Notation Program

    Yes eliam. Give me his phone number if he doesn\'t have an e-mail address. Thanks!

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