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Topic: "New Issues Found Since Release"

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    "New Issues Found Since Release"

    For those that haven't noticed it yet, there is a "New Issues Found Since Release" list in the Gigastudio support section of Tascam's website:

    "When installing GS3 for the first time, do not press Restore Now at the Registration Wizard screen. Doing so may cause the machine to get into an un-registerable state until a clean Windows install is performed. “Restore Now” is designed to restore the registration of a previously registered GS3. “Restore Now” has no relation to GS2.
    Several of the text boxes in the system configuration dialog allow illegal input that crash the app when applied. For example, typing 9999 in the Number of Mixer inputs" box in the Mixer/Disk Engine tab of the System Settings menu.
    GigaPiano-II .gsi files should only be loaded Port 1, Channel 1.
    Stacking instruments that have release triggers may cause the release triggers to not be played. The workaround is to use linked ports.
    The HELP button in GigaPulse is not working. The workaround is to use the main app Help menu.
    The DONE button in the GigaPulse Impulse Set Creator window is bringing up the Save dialog instead of closing the window. The workaround is to press Cancel once you’re done. Pressing Cancel after clicking the New Performance icon resets the DSP Station and MIDI Mixer settings to default."

    No mention yet of Rewire audio capture glitches, midi control message gaffing, etc.


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    Re: "New Issues Found Since Release"

    I think that is a good sign... let's hope for an update.
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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