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Topic: Wierd..!

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    Hi everyone..

    I\'m having this problem recently...example..
    I create a performance with, let say, 7 sounds on the first port of gigastudio..from midi 1 to 7, the rest is blank..As i save this performance and then reload it, the others , previously empty, midi channels get assign the same sound as the first midi channel of that port. The other ports remain empty..Any reason why???
    Is it related to a corrupted directory??
    Thanks for your time


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    Re: Wierd..!

    Make sure you have the latest patch. Try rebuilding the QuickSound database and also rebuild the performance.

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    Re: Wierd..!

    It might just be that your sequencer is sending signals to GS to make it do just that.. Ive been in similar situations, but i couldn\'t figure out what did it.. Ive just assumed that its the sequencer phucking up.. I use Sonar..

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    Re: Wierd..!

    Thanks for the tips guys...i\'ll look into it!


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