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Topic: GOS?? OMG!!!

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    GOS?? OMG!!!

    Well, FINALLY got GOS installed today and played with it for about 5 hours. It's overwhemling to a certain extent, but on the other hand it is so well organized I got a good feel for the important articulations. Also, getting Maestro Tools working showed the real power of this library that's chugging away under the hood. That's largely why I picked it and I'm sure now that choice was a good one. With the alternating bow strokes for instance I was playing great sounding stacatto runs live, right from the keyboard. And the legato mode is amazing. The overall sound of the strings is just what I'd hoped for- they're rich and bright yet not strident sounding. it's what you wold hope for from all those million dollar instruments. And bonus time- I had also been lusting after the VSL Chamber Orchestra, but the NV articulations sound like they would be terrific for doing more baroque sounding music.

    So, now- to work! Yikes!!

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    Re: GOS?? OMG!!!

    That's cool!

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    Re: GOS?? OMG!!!

    I'm as giddy as a little girl...

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