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Topic: Basic Audio Tutorials

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    Basic Audio Tutorials

    There are a couple of good, basic audio tutorials from Dave Moulton at TV Technology magazine's website. Audio 101 is about levels; 102 is EQ. I've got the paper mag: 103 is compression. Next up, reverb.

    The articles won't teach the pros here anything, but they're simple and correct, so they may be helpful for those new to audio.


    It also says he's a composer. I wonder if Dave's an NS member?


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    Re: Basic Audio Tutorials

    Hi JF,

    Whether these articles can teach the pros anything or not, they look like they can teach me a bunch. Thanks much for posting the link.

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    Re: Basic Audio Tutorials

    thx jon,

    always good to get tricks and hints

    during my musical studies i had a teacher and he said: if you buy a book and you just find one page or even one sentence which tought you something, it was worth buying the book.

    so basically you can learn from everything

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    Re: Basic Audio Tutorials

    Here is another good resource: http://www.computermusic.co.uk/tutorial/features.asp

    The tutorials on the right cover EQ, Compressions, Dynamics, Vocals, theory, and some software specific stuff.

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