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Topic: The US, making the Iraqis LOVE us even more!

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    The US, making the Iraqis LOVE us even more!

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    This is just great. We're just creating more insurgents this way.. we're creating more anti-American sentiments.

    Out of Hiding in Samarra
    Residents of Reclaimed City Recount Thirst and Hunger

    By Karl Vick
    Washington Post Foreign Service
    Monday, October 4, 2004; Page A18

    BAGHDAD, Oct. 4 -- As U.S. and Iraqi troops patrolled the battered streets of Samarra, the central Iraqi city reclaimed from insurgents in two days of lopsided battle, residents emerged Sunday reporting thirst, hunger and casualties among the civilian population, according to news service accounts from the city.

    Of the 70 dead brought to Samarra General Hospital since fighting erupted, 23 were children and 18 were women, said hospital official Abdul-Nasser Hamed Yassin, the Associated Press reported. Some residents left Samarra Sunday by floating down the Tigris River, waving white flags from boats, Reuters said.


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    Re: The US, making the Iraqis LOVE us even more!

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnGrant
    Time to cut bait.

    I agree John.

    This kind of story just sickens me. 41 innocent deaths.

    There is absolutely no justification for this.

    I wont use the word evil, but I'm tempted.

    Shame on all those responsible. They should be imprisoned.


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