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Topic: GSM Tutorial Demos available for downloading!

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    GSM Tutorial Demos available for downloading!

    All right, now I’m dangerous. I can create my own web pages at last!
    I have posted a couple versions of the GigaStudio Mastery tutorial “Demo” on my page www.davidgovett.com
    Check them out and let us know what you think. There is a huge one that includes an entire video lesson and its 40 Megs. There is a smaller one that is 7 Megs with lots of still shots from the actual tutorial. There is also a link to the Techsmith video codec, which you will need to run the video version, and for the full sale version. The small demo version is basically an electronic brochure. Both versions include links to every lesson that is included in the tutorial with screenshots and descriptions and running time for each lesson. The whole project is 6 hours and 10 min or so. You also get an 8-velocity set of DX waves from www.biggagiggas.com and a drum kit that I painstakingly created in a grueling 15 min recording session.
    I don’t know exactly when orders will be taken but it should be any day now.

    By the way, I am new to web creation and my site is a bit heavy on the graphics and has some redundant images that I will fix later. Not bad for a first attempt though
    Take care
    David Govett

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    Re: GSM Tutorial Demos available for downloading!

    Nicely done indeed! Good info - nice homey non-threatening feeling. It feels as if the viewer is sitting in The Master\'s studio, being gently and firmly guided through the Crossfade utility.

    I\'m wondering if you also go into the deeper darker mysteries of layering.. for example.. the creation and editing of 8 layer crossfades. (and why the crossfade editor bombs if you try to use that tool to edit them.

    It\'s these more esoteric areas that I\'m hoping you can shed some light on.

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    Re: GSM Tutorial Demos available for downloading!

    Hello gabriels,

    The crossfade editor cannot be used for more than 4 layers. That is the limitation of the graphical editor. You can still use the fields on the Mix/Layer tab for 8 layers. An expanded graphical
    crossfade editor is slated for the 3.0 release. So in the meantime, these are the limitations one will have to work within.


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    Re: GSM Tutorial Demos available for downloading!

    Yes, I came to understand this also... the hard way, by trying to edit 8 layer instruments in KH Virtuoso Strings, and not being able to make any headway until I got help on this forum. Though these instruments weren\'t created by the crossfade editor, they are, strictly speaking, crossfades, and the method of creating them is not all that transparent, nor is it really explicitly spelled out in the online help file.

    So I was hoping that this kind of semi-undocumented process might also be covered in the \"Mastery\" tutorial, and was kindof fishing.

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