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Topic: Attack modulation with GS edit: help please.

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    Attack modulation with GS edit: help please.

    I\'m actually tweaking a piano program with 4 velocities and I did not figure out yet how to fine-tune the attack time... I tried in the EG mod section to assign the velocity as mod source, check \"invert\" and raise the attack slider, but I can get no subtleties... The attack is really too slow even at the lowest notch of modulation. I must be missing something, can anyone help?


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    Re: Attack modulation with GS edit: help please.

    Eliam, if the attack is too fast, you could slow it down. But if it\'s too slow, you have to directly edit the samples, and I\'m afraid that you wont be happy with the result. If you want to try it, open a typical sample in your sample editor, and cut the sample attack to suit, being very careful to start the attack at a zero-crossing point. It will now probably have too much bite, so you need to apply a very short amplitude ramp to smooth it out. (And now the attack will be too slow again [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img] )
    Your bset bet may be to buy a different piano. There are many to choose from.

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    Re: Attack modulation with GS edit: help please.

    Hello eliam,

    First of all, a couple of concepts to understand about editing envelopes. In order to perform a global edit to the entire instrument, be sure to select all velocity splits, regions, and dimensions. Then when you make edits to the EG Mod tab, or whatever mode of edit you perform, you are making the edit to all selected regions.

    The EG Mod sliders are a factor of whatever is set in the actual attack time of the amplitude envelope. So, if the attack time is set to say 0.25 sec, then you will never ever get it to respond any faster than that. \'EG Mod\' is essentially an EG modifier and it derives its minimum and maximum range from the time setting which is pre-determined by the settings \'hard-wired\' into the EG tab.

    The new Editor Help file has a tutorial for working with the EG Mod tab. Please take a moment to read through it:

    Giga Editor Help File

    Hope this is helpful,


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    Re: Attack modulation with GS edit: help please.

    Thanks for your answer guys!

    Actually, I\'m working with the Bosendorfer Imperial Grand, and I\'m quite satisfied with the samples, but I want the attack to change in function of the velocity (no new concept here!). Editing the samples is not really an option, since I may want the full attack at the upper boundary of a velocity layer and gradually less and less attack as the velocity goes down, so I don\'t want anything fixed here.

    pmuse- thanks for your hints... I have read the section on EG mod, and as I said, I can get no subtle attack cutoff, since the slider has only four notches, and I don\'t understand why... My attack is set to 0 and even on the lowest notch, too much attack is removed. I\'d be surprised if Giga could not perform such a basic task as precise attack control...

    If I can\'t do this with Giga, then I must find another way, because a sampled piano can absolutely not sound realistic without these tweakings...

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