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Topic: Halion w/ large Giga files

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    Halion w/ large Giga files

    Has anyone tried loading large Giga files into Halion. I\'m trying to load the Bardstown audio piano (1.5 gb) into Halion and I\'m having lots of problems. It seems as though I\'m running out of polyphony extremely quick even though I have the voice buffer set to 100 + voices.I\'m running a G4 Dual 533 w/ 1.25 gb of RAM,
    2nd drive-ATA 100 drive (120 gb. w/ 8.9 ms. seek time). Any help would be appreciated!



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    Re: Halion w/ large Giga files

    You tempt be to be a real *** with that question.
    Good luck
    David Govett

    (damm, the forum engine wont let me use the word \"*** \". No profanity eh? Oh well, the word in questions begins with \"a\" and can refer to ones back side or a donkey)
    Have fun

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    Re: Halion w/ large Giga files

    Buy GigaStudio - it loads fine on it!!

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    Re: Halion w/ large Giga files

    Come on guys, the guy is running a Mac [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    still not many here are going to help you ....since well.....we use GigaStudio [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Halion w/ large Giga files

    I use Halion (puts on flameproof suit)! But I\'m running it on the PC, no MAC.

    Have you upgraded to the latest version (1.1.1. I think)? Might be a specific MAC bug, never seen such problems on the PC when working with large gig files.

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    Re: Halion w/ large Giga files

    I tried it on a PC and it did the same as you. I think Halion is not made to handle such heavy programs... I guess.

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    Re: Halion w/ large Giga files

    My tip would be to assign it loads of RAM! Also make sure the hard drive you\'re running from is not the system drive and ideally a 7200rpm or faster with a quick access time (and do a defragmenting while you\'re at it).
    Also be reasonable with what is going on in the sequencer (vst I presume?) by not having too many plug-ins or midi tracks going at once (and no audio tracks!!!)

    There\'s still no good solution for streaming on the Mac quite yet, Unity Session might give you better results, but it will also be dependent on the above mentioned optimization! Try the Session demo to see if you get more satisfactory results.

    I personally tend to applaude those intrepid few who are trying to stick with the Mac platform and get giga files to work with it. It\'s been a long-time gripe of mine that Nemesys (and Tascam) have made no effort whatsoever to port GS to the Mac even though the pro music community by and large uses Macs over PC\'s!

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    Re: Halion w/ large Giga files

    Your right, a mac version would be very ideal and we at NemeSys (when I was there) would have really liked to get a mac version out there but the resources were simply not available at the time to make that happen in a timely manner. Its not a matter of snubing the mac platform in any way. I have no idea what the future holds now that Tascam is on board. They keep their future plans real close. Be sure to let them know what you want. As to the the Halion system, all the advice given in this thread should help. Make sure you do have the latest version since the original version couldn\'t handle giga size libraries worth anything. I think there is also a raw mode that allows you to disable the filters and envelopes that can improve performance. Sliding the RAM slider as far into RAM as possible would also help from what I hear. Anyway, in a pinch, if your real serious about high end pianos(and other libraries) a cheap Giga machine will certainly be the ideal system. The software is written at the machine and hardware level and doesn\'t have to go through layers of windows and driver software to get from MIDI in to Speaker out so it tends to outperform the competition and should continue to in the future. I do understand though, the desire for mac compatibility and sequencer integration.
    Good luck and I hope you enjoy Kip\'s Piano.
    David Govett

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    Re: Halion w/ large Giga files

    To Tom: Try the cubase forum for help with Halion. The PC bias here is ridiculous. I have been able to load large Gig files into a Mac Cube 450 with a Motu 828. It seems that some files will work- others will not. You must save the files correctly in order to reload them. Keep your polyphony at 256. Don\'t change the Quality slider. It works well with a 5400 RPM drive.

    Nemesys/Tascam will no longer be my Nemesis the minute Halion gets it\'s act together for Mac.It has the potential to be a vastly supereior platform.

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    Re: Halion w/ large Giga files

    Originally posted by eliam:
    I tried it on a PC and it did the same as you. I think Halion is not made to handle such heavy programs... I guess.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I seriously doubt that. I can load and play the Malmsjo Grand Piano (which is approx 1 gig in size) without any problems.

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