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Topic: Echo Layla3G vs E-mu 1820m ?

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    Arrow Echo Layla3G vs E-mu 1820m ?

    I want to buy a soundcard . The two cards all have 2 mic inputs,and other similar features. Which is better?

    The price : Emu 1820m=£399 Echo Layla3G=£429.

    Please give me some advice! thanks!

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    Re: Echo Layla3G vs E-mu 1820m ?

    Well, depends on what you want to do, I mean they are similiar but each has its flaws, 1820m comes with a better software bundle, but conversely it does not have gsif drivers last i checked, so, if you will use gigastudio at all don't get the e-mu at this stage...

    My two cents worth anyway...


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    Re: Echo Layla3G vs E-mu 1820m ?

    Thank you!

    Would you tell me which mic preamps of the two cards perform better?

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    Re: Echo Layla3G vs E-mu 1820m ?

    That I can't answer sorry, I mean, I could look at the specs on each web page and tell you, but I could not tell you how musical it sounds.

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    Re: Echo Layla3G vs E-mu 1820m ?

    Thanks! Do you konw some websites or forums about it ? Would you tell me?

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