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Topic: OT: Looking to build a website. Suggestions?

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    Smile OT: Looking to build a website. Suggestions?

    Just what it says. Any suggestions for software (cheap please) and how to go about the whole process. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Re: OT: Looking to build a website. Suggestions?

    You might want to look at iPower.com. That's where I started and the rates are fare.

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    Re: OT: Looking to build a website. Suggestions?

    My website is hosted by Pair Networks -- http://www.pair.com . An incredible hosting service, outstanding reliability, support, and connectivity. They can accomodate the smallest needs (plans as low as $5.95 per month!) all the way up to the most intense web services with site-dedicated servers. I've been with them for about 8 years now, and have never had any reason to look elsewhere. The only thing that Pair doesn't support is sites that use Microsoft Active Server Pages (asp). The reason for that is simple -- asp requires Microsoft's web server (IIS), which Pair will not use because of gross security issues and horrid lack of efficiency. All Pair's servers run the FreeBSD operating system with the Apache web server, and "Advanced" and higher accounts fully support Perl5 and PHP4, and will do anything you can do with ASP and much, much more. I have an Advanced account, which includes a ton of space and bandwidth, at only 17.95 per month. In the 8 years I've been with them, they have NEVER increased the price -- but they HAVE increased the included services every year.

    As far as software goes, I use Microsoft Frontpage. Pair fully supports the Frontpage server extensions that are required to make full use of FP, it's easy, and it's powerful. Some of the earlier versions had problems, but since upgrading to FP2002 I have no complaints at all.

    As always, there are other options as well, and YMMV. I highly recommend both Pair and FP.

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    Re: OT: Looking to build a website. Suggestions?

    Domain Name - $8.50 per domain per year.

    Lunarpages Shuttle Plan - $96 per year

    Swishsites - $25

    Swish2 - $50

    Never having to apologize for a crappy web site OR spend too much time or money putting up a business card on the web... PRICELESS.

    But seriously - you might be able to find a cheaper way to get what you want from a web page, but the tools above struck the right balance for me. Good luck.
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    Re: OT: Looking to build a website. Suggestions?

    To do the graphics part you need a good graphics editing program such as:

    PhotoShop (US$649.00)

    or the next best thing

    Gimp (free, though can be tricky to install on Windows, on mac you need x11)

    Next you will need/want a good html editor (the wysiwyg kind is the easy way to go) like:

    GoLive (US$399.00)(this is what I use for most of my work)


    Dreamweaver (US$399.00)(I have used for some jobs)

    Another option would be to use Word to lay out your page and save it as a web page though this is not a recommended way to do it as the web pages from word tend to have 'bad' html that can cause them to look wrong on other peoples web browsers.


    You can hand code the site (html) yourself (notepad or textedit), it sounds a lot harder than it is though you can get very good results and best of all it is free.

    You need a good web host, the ones that have been pointed out look good. The one I use for http://www.clarkaudio.com (and am very happy with) is www.dreamhost.com.
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    Re: OT: Looking to build a website. Suggestions?

    I just used FrontPage2002 to build my site. (New version, previously I had just coded in NotePad).

    Check out the results www.lawrencelougheed.com
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    Re: OT: Looking to build a website. Suggestions?


    I've used a number of tools for the GPO website.

    You can set up web pages in almost anything these days. Microsoft Word lets you save pages as html.

    Then there are web building apps like Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe GoLive and Macromedia Dreamweaver. These help you format and design your web page. I've been using Dreamweaver mainly because I got used to it years ago. There are some inexpensive and shareware web design programs too. Also, you can find pre-made templates on the web.

    If your site will have graphics then a graphics program like Adobe Photoshop or ImageReady will help. ImageReady is fairly inexpensive and good for animated gifs. Alan is a master at this. If you want to do interactive flash animation - then get Flash or Swish (great program). Joesph Burrell knows a lot about flash.

    If you also want to get into fancy stuff like java programming, there are a number of tools, but I would avoid this unless you know someone like Scott Cairnes who can bail you out.

    For hosting, there are a variety of options. Check you ISP as they may give you some web hosting in your package already. There are a variety of options for hosting.

    Hope this helps

    Gary Garritan

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    Smile Re: OT: Looking to build a website. Suggestions?

    Yet another ISP...
    I like my ISP, http://www.1and1.com. 6.99 per month gives me more bandwidth and disk space than I will ever use, plus free software (NetObjects Fusion for graphical user interface web site building and PhotoImpact for graphics editing.)

    They also provide templates that you can use to build your site off of. They have around 100 different looks to choose from, then you click and it all appears on your site.

    Here are the different plans they offer:

    Good luck!

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    Thumbs up Re: OT: Looking to build a website. Suggestions?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lougheed
    I just used FrontPage2002 to build my site. (New version, previously I had just coded in NotePad).

    Check out the results www.lawrencelougheed.com
    Really nice your site,


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    Re: OT: Looking to build a website. Suggestions?

    For free/ cheap web design software there's Arachnophilia. Lots of people love it. If you have office, Publisher will do a decent job. If you want flash and your budget doesn't stretch to swish let alone macromedia, try Power Bullet, Advanced Effects Maker (cool for little things in boxes and verrrrry easy to use but extremely limited) or KoolMoves. Sorry. You'l have to google for the URLs.
    Personally, I used a program called Fusion MX I got free on a coverdisc to do my site.

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