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Topic: Why Effects Don't Work

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    Why Effects Don't Work

    This is a PSA - I had an issue where the EQ, and compression did not work in the channel strips. I noticed that some others had this issue as well (12 issues topic). Along with this, I could not get GigaPulse to work on the GigaPiano bundled with Solo.

    The reason for all of these issues was that I was running an older Athlon processor that is not SSE compliant. Unfortunately, although the hardware requirements on the Tascam website state that your procesor should be SSE compliant, they don't state what happens if it is not. Since GS3 loaded and ran fine (with the exception of the forementioned issues) with my old processor, I was none the wiser. Also unfortunately, one techie at Tascam did not quickly pick up on my symptoms. On my second call, the tech guy insantly recognised my issue.

    BTW, the issue where the inserted effects come up bypassed when a performance is loaded is a recognized bug, slated to be fixed.

    Hopefully this will help someone.



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    Re: Why Effects Don't Work

    Fortunately, you can get an SSE compliant Athlon for about $50 these days. Hopefully, your motherboard can support the newer CPU.


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    Re: Why Effects Don't Work

    The EQ & comp not working without SSE is pointed out in the Known Issues doc.


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