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Topic: unity 3 w/ giga files

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    unity 3 w/ giga files

    has anyone made this switch? or tried? does everything translate good?

    i\'m a mac user w/ ram based unity, and i feel like i\'m missing out on something.... oh, all these cool gig files you guys get to play with.

    should i bump up to unity 3 or bust out and get a pc to beat on (ya, i said beat on!)

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    Re: unity 3 w/ giga files

    I haven\'t heard much at all on the Session front, except that someone said you need a good Mac to run it on - but that\'s no surprise.

    Probably the best bet would be to find a Bitheadz user forum and see what their results are. Surely there must be a few Session users who\'ve tried importing Gig files.

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    Re: unity 3 w/ giga files

    Some gig files import flawlessly, others have a bit of a problem and need some tweaking. If you\'re familiar with the Session editor it shouldn\'t be a problem to get your hands on the giga instruments that you want (with the exception of data compressed Giga libraries).

    RAM is a limiting factor with these libraries due to the fact that most of them are pretty massive. You can use the Hard Drive streaming function, but don\'t expect to also run a sequencer with audio on the same machine \'cause the hard drive probably won\'t handle it.

    Hopefully in July Apple will come up with faster machines that will handle more RAM and have faster busses....when that happens....watch out giga!

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    Re: unity 3 w/ giga files

    The short story goes:
    I decided to get started in orchestral writing on my Mac.
    I got DD woodwinds (10CDs) and started to save for the GOS.
    Then I upgraded to Unity Session.
    Spent countless hours [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img] to try to just OPEN the darn instrumnents in Unity.
    NADA ZILCH NIHIL. Total disaster.
    And oh! Try to stream files from disk (not necessarily giga) : smack krack and pop will come to your party univited. I have a Mac dual 533 with a fast disk and tons of RAM.
    Broke the piggie:
    Bought a PC and finally GOS.
    Happy camper [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Lesson: if you are going to use giga files, get what they need: a giga machine.
    Unity might be a good sampler, but not for giga.

    My 2cts.

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